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• It helps healthy eating and controls weight: physical activity and a healthy diet can help your children to maintain current weight and reduce the risk of gaining weight as their age. It is important to offer children the right foods at the right times, it helps in managing child’s hunger and boosting nutrition. Children are less likely to become overweight and will have better control of their body fat. Overweight children are able to reduce their body weight and body fat while exercising.
• Strengthen child’s bones and muscles: exercise and healthy diet help children develop stronger bone structure and muscle structure. For example: weight-bearing exercise helps your child’s bones to become stronger and strengthen the muscles such as: walking, jogging, climbing, dancing, cycling and riding bikes etc… also for muscles strengthening are stretching , gymnastics, exercise ball and monkey bars etc…
• It improves physical health: Children who exercise are less likely to develop diseases and chronic conditions, including diabetes, allergies, thyroid imbalances, abnormal cholesterol levels, heart problems, respiratory issues and orthopedic problems. Some believe that various childhood mental disorders, including depression, anxiety and attention issues, can be improved through exercise.
• It develops learning skills and makes friends easily: When kids exercise, they are often learning and improving physical strength, responsiveness, speed, balance, etc. learning new skills will increase a child sense of accomplishment and level of confidence and also develop positive behavior. Children learn to interact with others around them they also gain skills to communicate with other children.
• Exercise helps active children more likely to be relaxed and sleep well: exercise is important for children, especially when they are still developing their bodies and minds. Exercise benefits everything from sleep quality of children to their energy level, good memory. Studies shows that children who are physically active feel refreshed

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