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1. In relation to your organisation, make a list of the resource requirements for a 12-month period.
• Coffee beans
• Flour
• sweeteners
• Egg
• Milk
• Teas
• Fruit pulps
• Whipped cream
• Fruits and vegetables
• Decor
• Cleaning products
• Disposable
• Waiters and waitresses
• Chefs
• Kitchen hands
• Dishwasher
• Baristas
• Service staff
• Hosting staff
2. Give an example of how you would calculate the estimate usage of a current and future resource relevant to your organisation.
Human resources: Is one of the business resources that is important when calculating the estimated of business resources and it is worried with labour and management:
? Labour:
? Labour is a classic factor of production.
? Despite the advance in technology, human labour is still needed to help process the resources into products. This is known as production labour and includes the factory worker.
? Human labour helps to use the resources to provide a service.
? Management:
? Is a resource used to ensure that an organisations productions are efficient and effective.
? It also ensures that the goals of an organization are accomplished by monitoring and directing the employees that are involved in the production.
3. Outline how you would decide on; the equipment, materials or suppliers needed for your organisation. Describe in detail the things you considered. 2 pints
? Equipment:
? In what will be used for.
? Where are we going to kept it.
? If we need employees with specific knowledge for their use
? What training we need to give the employees who are going to use it.
? What risks could it cause to employees who are manipulating it.
? Take into account all the precautions that must be taken for its use.
? Provide clear and easy instructions to understand.
? Material:
? We need to ensure that they will meet the performance requirement.
? We must take into account the prices that fit our budget.
? We must take into account that the material is light.
? That is resistant.
? The temperature at which we should store it.
? Suppliers:
? Choose the provider with the most favourable price for our organization.
? That there is a good product price ratio.
? That is of good quality.
? That the suppliers are reliable.
? That are fast and efficient at the time of delivery.
? Flexible suppliers at the time of purchase.
? That there is a good service
? That there is good communication between supplier and client.
? That provide a safe service.
4. Describe how you would identify a resource shortage within your organisation. What impact may this have? Change
We would be able to identify the resource shortage:
? When the current level of staff cannot handle a short-term.
? When we loss experienced staff.
? When employees change for the competition because they offer them more money.
? When the existing staff do not have the required skill to keep up with the organisational changes.
? When your supplier has a product shortage
? When suppliers use inventory counting and sourcing methods and these are defective.
? When there is a shortage of working capital, limiting the monthly ordering.
? When there is a shortage of working capital, the monthly order must be limited
The impact that this may have on operations:
? The desired quantity of product or service may not be met.
? You may lose potential sales or customer.
? The quality of the product or service may be compromised.
? The existing staff may have too much pressure.
? Over work staff may burn out and leave.
? The loss of a potential sale.
? A decrease in customer satisfaction.
? The possibility of a customer not retuning.
5. When using equipment within the workplace, what are the WHS requirements that you must consider? Give one example.
The WHS Act places the primary health and safety duty on a person conducting a business or undertaking (PCBU). The PCBU must ensure, so far as is reasonably practicable, the health and safety of workers at the workplace. Duties are also placed on officers of a PCBU, workers and other persons at a workplace.
When using equipment, we have to make sure:
? It is installed properly.
? Employees use it carefully.
? It is maintained regularly.
? Employees are trained to use it correctly.
6. Describe the ways in which you can get your colleagues involved in the resource allocation process and explain how getting your colleagues involved is beneficial to your organisation.
? Encourage discussions
? Taking feedback from them.
? Have regular staff meeting
? Encourage active participation from everyone
? Suggest meeting between teams and departments
? Communicate regularly
? Consultation
This could be beneficial for the organisation:
? It can help me save time since they are the ones who have more knowledge of the subject because they are the ones who work with the same resources.
? It helps me save money because when I take into account their opinion I can make the necessary changes.
? Increase productivity.
7. Outline ways in which resource usage can be monitored within your organisation using technology.
They ensure that the purchasing, storing, movement and usage of the business resources are effectively monitored. Each employee should know their own resource requirement. In every organisation may be policies in place to ensure effective allocations, controls and monitoring of business resources. The ways in which resources can be monitored are:
? Computer software
? Computer application:
? Databases
? Spreadsheets
• Personal schedules:
? Diaries
? Log books
? Timesheets
8. Explain why is it important to remain within budget when acquiring resources?
? Allow financial control:
Financial control allows controlling expenses according to monthly income. It is important to have a budget plan to plan and control expenses in order to achieve the desired financial goals. In a budget plan you can clearly see the monthly income
and the expenses of an organization to show where the money has been spent. They must be monitored regularly to keep the organization on track.
? Avoiding overspending:
Spending too much can be very risky for a company so much that it can lead to bankruptcy if you do not have a good budget management, so it is important to have a budget where you have control of expenses and make the necessary changes to stay within of the limits.
9. How do you know when to place orders so as to meet the timelines that are in place?
• It is important that before ordering an order, everything is planned in advance so as not to have any mishap in the business.
• The timeline is used to plan the tasks that must be performed in order to meet the demands and requirements of the organization.
• In the timeline, scales are used to mark the tasks that must be completed within the requirements of the organization, and these must be marked to the extent that these tasks are completed.
• When we acquire a resource, the provider must be taken into account and what are its terms and conditions.
• It is possible that these articles have to be approved in relation to the budget that is available.
• The process to acquire these resources must be done efficiently in order to meet the established deadlines.

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