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1.3.3 In-Rotating Water method

In early 80s, the production of microwires was first reported by rapid quenching, and the first study was concentrated on the mechanical properties of wires 152. This method consists of preparation of alloy which is loaded into a quartz spout and following induction melting. Molten metal was ejected by a jet under a specific pressure into the rotating water layer through the orifice of the quart nozzle. The prepared amorphous microwires with different diameters depending on the slot size of the quartz nozzle which has a range 0.06 to 0.34mm. The structure and the homogeneity size of the produced amorphous alloy microwires can be improved by adjusting the ejection angle, superheat, and the drum rotation speed. The good continuous wires made over 100-m long having diameter ranging from 60um to 320um 162.

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1.3.2 changes in the chem-physi-and mechanical properties of microwire during preparing

Firstly let us define what glass-coated microwires mean are. On the whole, microwires are composite materials made of a metallic elements (amorphous metal) covered by a glass-coating shell (see Fig. 3).
The change in the chemical substance used for the microwires production and variety of dimensions are easily available by the modified Taylor-Ulitovksy fabrication technique as discussed in the previous section 3.1. mechanical properties are determined by the high rate of crystallization and the more smaller of microwire size.
Towards the fabrication methodology type, a complex radial distribution of internal stresses with circular, radial, and axial substance are made inside the metallic core parts
Because of the different quenching rates between the outer shell of surface and the core of the microwire. Besides, the difference in thermal expansion coefficients of the glass shell and the metallic core always plays an additional role in the induced stresses of as-prepared microwires 34, 353.

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