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Acknowledgement 2
Chapter 1 3
1.1 Company Profile 3
1.2 Vision 4
1.3 Mission 4
1.4 Corporate Values 4
1.5 Location 6
1.6 Division 6
1.7 Internship Period 6
1.8 Organizational Structure 7
Chapter 2 10
2.1 Permit Department 10
2.2 Achievements in Permit Department 14
2.3 Community Relations Department 16
Chapter 3 19
3.1 New Knowledge 19
3.2 Competency 20
Appendices 22
4.1 Photos 22
4.2 Log Book 26
4.3 Supervisor Evaluation Form 38
4.4 Monitoring Sheet 39
4.5 Grade Box 39
References 40

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Foremost, I express my gratitude to God for all His blessings towards me. I’m grateful for the internship opportunity in PT. Link Net, Tbk that God have given to me through Universitas Pelita Harapan. I appreciate the chance to learn in the company Permit Department as it gave me chances to apply my study in real working environment and provide me the freedom to meet extraordinary people from diverse backgrounds. I extend a special appreciation toward Mr. Dicky Murjani, Head of Permit and Community Relationship who helped me through all the obstacles I faced during the internship and giving me the liberty to manage my own schedule. Moreover, I want to thank Mr. Desia Handoko as the Department Head of Permit and Mr. Rangga Adityo as my supervisor for their guidance in every step of the way.

Pic 1. PT. Link Net, Tbk Office Space

Chapter 1
1.1 Company Profile
PT Link Net, Tbk firstly known for its services in home cable televisions and internet industries under a brand called First Media. The services that the company offered covered residential areas, apartments and offices. First the company was named PT Seruling Indah Permai in 1996 and later changed to what it’s known today as PT Link Net, Tbk by the year 2000 where they first launched its broadband internet services called MyNet and Digital1.
In 2007 the company launched its high speed yet well-known internet service called FastNet. By 2008 the company later got acquired by PT First Media, Tbk. In 2011 there are reorganizations from First Media becoming the Company and here is where the company decides to extend its industry to multimedia and provide a better quality of internet by using fully cable based network. Hybrid Fiber Coaxial (“HFC”) or famously known as Fiber Optic cable is the used for the cable system which provides a two-way 870 Hmz broadband services. In 2012 the company launches new innovations such as Personal Video Recorder (“PVR”) and more innovations are made throughout the year.
In 2014 the company shares it share by joining the Indonesian Stock Exchange under the stock name “Link”. By December 2014, the company had already achieved more than 1.67 million homes within Greater Jakarta, Bandung, and Surabaya (Link Net 2017 Annual Report, 2017). Currently the company is one of the biggest providers of multimedia and internet services which reflect with its vision and mission in being a mega media company. Today First Media Company is extending its network to more areas such as Serang, Cilegon, Bekasi, Karawang, Pamulang, Ciputat and Bali (Kurniada, 2018).

1.2 Vision
The main purpose to have a vision in the company is to motivate the company to compete with other competitors and outperform them until the rest of time (Murjani, 2018). The company’s vision is to be the first choice for broadband and media services (Link Net 2017 Annual Report, 2017). This motivates the company to provide the customers with high speed and stable internet services also grant access to the customers for international TV channels. Through giving the best quality products to the customers, the customers helped First Media to achieve its vision in being the first choice for its services.

1.3 Mission
The company mission is to transform people’s lives by providing innovative and exceptional broadband and media services and solutions. Since internet have a big role in people’s lives today, First Media’s mission is to aid customers through providing its services. Internet helps with children’s education such as for research purposes for doing school homework, working people where they can have access for emails and more. Other than being a part in people’s lives, the company wants to keep its vision and mission to broad target market and for years to come (Murjani, 2018). Keeping the best quality of services for years to come needs innovation which is why innovation and other corporate values exist.

1.4 Corporate Values
PT. Link Net, Tbk not only have a vision and mission but also corporate values. Corporate Values are made to emphasize the vision and mission. As taken from the company’s annual report, (Link Net 2017 Annual Report, 2017)
? Innovation: We develop new ideas to continuously grow.
? Excellence: We deliver high quality services.
? Urgency: We serve with a sense of urgency and with precision.
? Integrity: We always do the right thing.
? Ownership: We are proud of our work and provide additional services where needed.
? Cooperation: We work together to achieve success.
? Customer as Priority: Our customers (internal and external) are our top priority.
? Spirit: We love what we do.

Corporate Values helped the customers to know what First Media offers along with the vision and mission. First is by “Innovation”, innovation is considered as a value because First Media is in the technology industry where innovation can keep the company alive and moving forward to compete. To provide better services with the latest technology, innovation helps with excellence where First Media services can provide stable and fast speed services. “Urgency” and “Integrity” is a part of those values where every company needs precision in working to be efficient and doing the right thing according to the rules and regulations of the country. Every details count such as handling complaint, problem solving and other needs to be done quickly because First Media see that every inconvenience experienced by the customer is important. Provided that the problem solving method is well managed, it will show that great performance. “Ownership” is a value where the company is willing to work together and aid one another for the benefit of the company. While “Cooperation” ensure helping one another is not only done internally that is within the divisions of the company but also externally where we help each other by working together with our partners such as PLN. Moreover, the core value of the company is “Customer as Priority” where First Media customers satisfactions are set as the top priority of this company because First Media work in services industry which rely on customer satisfaction. The last value is “Spirit” where every employee needs to be motivated to keep moving forward, perform their best and grow into a better person while working in the company and make the company grow. (Murjani, 2018)

1.5 Location
There are two offices for PT Link Net, Tbk, one is in Berita Satu Tower in Jakarta and the other one is in Tangerang. For this internship it occurs at its Tangerang office which is located at Lippo Cyberpark, Boulevard Gajah Mada no. 2170 Tangerang. The exact location is attached through this link: .

1.6 Division
The placement for this internship is in Permit Department. Permit Department is the ones who provide all things needed in order for a certain area to have internet and home cable services from First Media. The things that Permit Department needs to provide are the network with the locals. Network with locals is important because the main job of a Permit Department is to gain access for other teams to work in the area. To provide internet services, real cables must be pulled out of the ground or electrical pole to the area. Permit Department is the ones who asks permissions to authorities in the area so that other teams such as construction will be able to pull those cables and provide residents internet services.

1.7 Internship Period
The internship period occurs on the student’s ninth semester which is UPH’s accelerated semester. This internship occurs for about three months starting 15th May 2018 and ends on 20th July 2018.

1.8 Organizational Structure

Chapter 2
2.1 Permit Department
The job descriptions of Permit members is to first achieve a “Permit Done” status, later maintain good relations with the community heads and community, then ensure construction is working, also ensure that the area that has been constructed can sell and lastly handle complaints from the community (Rangga A. Prabawa, personal communication. June 12, 2018).
Permit team had to get a “Permit Done” status as the main goal of the job. “Permit Done” status is given when a residential area had agreed to grant First Media access to enter. The residential area that needs to be visited is given from the company by the Identification Selection Area (ISA) Department to the Permit team. ISA Department gives detailed information about a certain area including the amount of houses or called home pass in the area, complete address, name of committee head and more. After a Permit team had received the information from ISA, further correction should be made to check if the information is accurate by going to the area and this is called profiling. After Profiling, Permit members have to collect data and make a survey to the area. The data that should be collected are the PIC’s name, contact number, amount of home pass and construction method along by offering the PIC a Permit letter. “Permit Done” status is achieved when the PIC had signed the Permit letter, after the PIC had agreed to grant access a survey needs to be made to create a site plan design of the area. Later a technical meeting is held with the PIC who usually are the committee head and sometimes along with the community in the area. The technical meeting offers thorough explanation of where the cables are going to go through, how the construction works, when the construction can begin and more, that’s why a site plan design of the area is needed to enable First Media to explain clearly and to easily help the committee head to understand. Lastly the job of Permit team is done but we have to ensure that the area had to be active which means the communities are able to enjoy First Media services. So, we have to ensure the construction team to construct in the area.

To proceed with the construction, a work time schedule for construction is needed from the construction team. Permit members must remind the construction team to work on the area that had achieved “Permit Done”. When a date is set for construction, Permit members must tell the committee heads when the construction is going to work to ensure the security in the residence.
There are two methods of construction, the first one is Aerial where First Media cables are attached along with the existing electrical pole from PLN DKI (Pusat Listrik Negara Daerah Khusus Ibukota) then there’s underground method where all cables are placed under grounds. There are two types of Aerial method of construction, the first one is when the cables are attached to an existing pole and there’s another one called New Pole where First Media had to create a new pole to attach the cables. Usually the poles are 6 meters high (Zaharudin, personal communication, July 18, 2018) and a new pole is made when the area lacks of existing electrical pole. For underground method of construction there are three types of construction, there’s boring, trenching and open paving. Boring process creates holes from one spot to another usually between two houses to lower down the cables underground. Boring process is used when the road in the residence is hard to break and it creates less mess compared to other type of methods since the construction occurs on a space of land. Trenching is used when the area uses asphalt and the whole corner of the road needs to be opened up to plant our cables inside. Lastly the open paving type of construction is used when the residential area uses blocks. So, open paving means the blocks are taken out and then the cables are planted underground after the construction is done, the blocks are attached again as normal. Since the company promised a neat construction process, open paving took less time to turn back the messy construction back to normal, maximum it only took about three weeks time (Adityo, personal communication, July 17, 2018) while boring and trenching took a longer time.
During one of my visit to some areas in Pamulang, the construction had begun but there are problems along the way. A Permit team had been present on the area to help other divisions that works there such as construction to find a solution. The method of construction there is aerial where cables are pulled from existing electrical pole. The cables somehow have high voltage that is dangerous to the workers but the cable needs to flow in that areas in order for the extension residences around there gain access of First Media. The solution is to use mixed method of aerial and underground but if the process is still too risky and there is no other way to handle that, the project stopped.
Once all construction is done, we have to make sure that the person who lives there had to be able to gain access of our services. The goal is to have 30% sales in the area, if the number has not reached 30% a Permit team can ask Community Relations team to give micro marketing in the area (Adrian Yugo, personal communication, May 28, 2018). Micro Marketing is a method of selling where they can set up vans or tents to sell First Media services.
In First Media there are housing classing or grading in order to help with the Micro-marketing program. For class A, usually the houses are near the city, in a clustered area, and financially stable target market which can lead to be potential customers for example houses in Pantai Mutiara and Pondok Indah. Class residence “A” are offered packages such as Elite and Supreme. For class “B”, the houses that are in the suburb, can be cluster or open area and the target market are medium to high class audience such as areas in Sunter and Daan Mogot. For classing “A” and “B”, the package that is offered is D’Lite, Elite and Supreme. D’Lite package is cheaper than Elite package. For class “C” usually, the houses are far from the city, open area and the target markets are low class audience such as places in Serang (Dita Widyastuti, personal communication, May 28, 2018). The package that is offered are different than “A” and “B” because they got Family package which costs less than D’Lite package. The Family package costs Rp. 139.000, D’Lite package costs Rp. 299.000, Elite package costs Rp. 429.000 and Supreme costs Rp. 709.000 (First Media Basic Packages, 2018). Classes lower than “C” will not gain access of First Media.
Since a Permit team maintained good relationship to the community heads, we’re the one who works as a representative of First Media in the area. In the future when there are complaints or if anyone in the area needed our help for First Media services, a Permit team member have to deal with the situation as well. When there’s someone who wants to join First Media, we can help them by giving the customer data to the customer service.
Those are the main flow or the main job of a Permit Department. There are targets or goals that are set yearly for the team, there must be a minimum of 45.000 home pass (Rangga A. Prabawa, personal communication. June 12, 2018) for Jabodetabek area that is needed to be achieved by each team yearly. That’s basically the main job description and goal of Permit Department.
There are three terms that are used in the Permit team to classify the method of achieving “Permit Done” status (Rangga A. Prabawa, personal communication. June 12, 2018). The first one is called “Aerial”, “Aerial” is the term that is used when First Media offers internet services to housing. While “Spider” is the term that is used when First Media offers its services to office buildings and lastly “Combat” is for portable Wi-Fi services. “Spider” and “Combat” are considered as a side project for the Permit team, so the target that needs to be achieved are only counted from “Aerial”. Offering internet services to houses and office building are different because there are differences with the construction method and costs but the method of approach is the same.
“Combat” is basically Bolt services (Bolt = portable Wi-Fi). For Combat projects, towers are needed to be built in order to give services in remote areas with classing lower than C. There are two types of tower, the first one is the portable ones which costs less for construction and usually used to test market in that area. When our product is not successful in the area, the portable tower will be taken down. The second type of tower is the permanent one, its expensive both for construction and materials as well. This type of tower will be placed to areas that had gain many customers. Each tower needs 10 x 10 m space of land, the height of the tower is 42 m and each tower could produce signals within 50 km in radius (Herry, personal communication, May 18, 2018). Permit team seeks for the space of lands, contact the landowners, make negotiations with the owners, committee heads and community and then rent the space of land for construction.
To put into conclusion, a Permit team had to achieve “Permit Done” status, maintain good relationship with the committee head and community for the responsible area, make sure construction in the area is going well as planned, make sure the area can gain many customers, and handle complaints are the main job of Permit team. Besides that there are also surveys to search for new locations to offer internet services to residential areas, office buildings or remote areas for Bolt. Setting up towers in remote areas is also a part of Permit’s job description to help the company expands its coverage of internet services outside Jabodetabek area.

2.2 Achievements In Permit Department
It’s hard to explain and understand how marketing works and how to know which type of marketing approach needed to be applied. Permit Department allows me to learn practical work on the field. So during the first few month of Internship I followed one Permit Team to their responsible area and learn what they’re doing, how they handle people, learn the right terms of doing legal stuffs and learn more about product knowledge. When I fully understand how the Permit team operates, I was challenged to achieve “Permit Done” on my own.
The areas that I choose to handle are Duta Square in Jelambar, Jakarta and Griya Tirtayasa in Kunciran, Tangerang. First I receive the information from ISA that mentioned the name of the place, address, amount of houses and area but the method of construction is not mentioned. Later that day I checked on the map to see whether the area uses Aerial method or Underground method. The result shows the shops in front of the residence uses Aerial so I make a Permit letter for Aerial type of work. After the letter is done, I went to Duta Square and ask the security in the area to show me the house of the committee head. Apparently at that time the committee head is present and I was able to achieve a “Permit Done” right away. The difficulty of negotiation is not hard because the community really need internet services and is familiar with First Media services. The meeting is quite formal and the committee head values punctuality also those who have great product knowledge who are able to answer his question well.
However revisions need to be made because the committee head only grant underground method of construction. After the meeting is done, the design team surveys the place and sends me a design of the area. Once the design is done a technical meeting is held, it turns out that the area has no space to place a pedestal in between two houses. So, the solution is to attach the pedestal on a wall this is called a clamp wall and design revisions needs to be made because the area consists of shops and houses, 70 shops and 50 houses to be exact. The shops on Jalan Tubagus Angke uses Aerial type of method while the shops on Jalan Wijaya 1 uses Aerial method as well but the cables must be placed on a tray and the houses uses Underground Open Paving Method. The new design will show detailed information where it shows where the cables are taken and where exactly the pedestal will be placed. Once the new design is done, another technical meeting will be held on Saturday along with the community so that they know what’s going on. The estimation is that the area will be active by this August and the community will be able to enjoy First Media services.
The second “Permit Done” I achieved is in Griya Tirtayasa. Griya Tirtayasa has smaller amount of houses and a lower classing compared to Duta Square. The first time going to the area the committee head is not present nor anyone in the house, so I dropped the letter along with my number to the security and ask him to give it to the committee head later. There’s no news from the committee head, so I re-visit the area and for the second time I meet the committee head. The committee head is not an open type of person, I wasn’t allowed to enter the house and the meeting is held outside the house. He wanted a brief explanation of the content of the letter and more time to re-read the letter. The committee head also didn’t grant me his contact number and insist that he will be the one who contact me if he agrees. In two days time a “Permit Done” is achieved, the committee head contacted me and grant the construction to work in the area with conditions. He wants PT. Link Net to guarantee that the construction will not disturb the community, send him construction schedule before any work started and all expenses must be bear by PT. Link Net. So, later the things that are needed to activate the area is to get the letter from the committee head, survey the area for design and send construction schedule. The level of difficulty is harder for this one compared to Duta Square since I went to this area for two times even though the method of construction is easier and the area can turn active within a week time and the committee head is a very close type of person.
In conclusion, two “Permit Done” status are achieved in two weeks time on my own. Three “Permit Done” achieved in total combined with the one I joined with my friend in Sunter Permata. Even though I wasn’t able to go through the whole process until the area is active, the areas are ensured to be active as soon as possible. PICs from the Permit team are already assigned to ensure the area will be active even after my internship is over.

2.3 Community Relations Department
When there’s not much that I can help in Permit, I went to offer a hand to other department such as Community Relations (CR). The job description of Community Relations is pretty similar to Permit, the only difference is that when a Permit job is done that is getting a “Permit Done” status then it is continued by Community Relations. After a ‘Permit Done” status is released, Community Relations team members put up Micro Marketing activities to promote the community about First Media, assigned VIP (special services) for the area, maintain the relationship with the committee heads and community and handle complaints.
Different than the Permit Department, most work of the Community Relations team is done in the office, such as making letters of Permit, VIP letters and follow up customers by phone. Sometimes the Community Relations teams also helps the Permit team by doing the same job such as going to areas and achieve “Permit Done” status for Aerial. So, whenever the Permit team went far areas such as Kerawang or work late until past office hours, I stayed in the office helping the Community Relations team. Making VIP letters and visit areas that need maintenance are the ones that I helped out during my internship period.
VIP is special services that are given to certain areas that has many houses and had achieved a “Permit Done” status. This VIP could be given as a form of appreciation or for negotiation purposes. In order to grant special internet services or home cables, a letter should be made for the company files. The VIP could only be placed in public places such as community halls, marketing offices and sport clubs and not for private houses such as the community head’s houses. This purpose to only grant VIP access to public places is to benefit the community of the area and could work as a promotion to aware the community about First Media. The VIP only is given either 6 months or 12 months time, so if the deal in the area is 2 years that means every year there has to be a VIP renewal letter to be made.
Other than making VIP letters I also joined a visit to certain areas for maintenance issues. There are two types of maintain, one is called NCUP which stands for Network Clear-up Project and IM for Internal Memo (Adrian Yugo, personal communication, May 28, 2018). NCUP type of maintenance is the form where the Community Relations team went to an area to maintain the network in the area. If there’s something that needs to be fixed, the CR team will coordinate with the Technician to fix the problem. While IM type of maintenance, maintains an area that already received request from the community for maintenance.
However the ratio of IM maintenance is much higher than the NCUP, and this cause different perspective from the community towards First Media. There are certain areas that often had problems with First Media and there are those that never had problems. It is best for the company to assign NCUP maintenance monthly to minimize problems and maybe set a new department or PICs (Person in Charge) to specially handle maintenance issues (Evelline Siregar, personal communication, June 4, 2018). I think it would be best if the company to make an event each year for training that promotes teamwork, this event could also be used for sharing knowledge and experiences and bonding. Since Permit and Community Relations Department work outside the office and meet different people, it’s hard to completely bond with one another. Other than that not everyone meet the same type of person, with sharing it could help others know how to deal with a certain type of people, given a chance for the employees to learn more and boost performance result.

Chapter 3
3.1 New Knowledge
Marketing is the main knowledge that is learnt throughout the internship since most of the job is having meeting with people. Since the people that are met are diverse, everyone have different culture, classes and educational level. A different marketing approach is needed to close the deal with a specific type of person.
I learned that the higher the social class and educational level each person has, the harder it is to deal with. This type of person has lots of experiences dealing with people, has broad knowledge and mostly has less time to meet due to its busy schedule. The type of marketing approach prefers formal type of meeting, everything is taken seriously and every deal should be written in detail on the contract. Other than that, interdivision cooperation is also important. Interdivision cooperation should be held externally and internally, not only for the divisions in PT. Link Net have to cooperate well but also the clients. Permit Department have to cooperate well with construction team, survey and design team, community relations and sales. While the clients, if it took place in the company the manager have to coordinate with the technician team, HR and more.
Different types of approach are used for clients who have lower classes and lower educational level. They prefer straight forward meeting, non-formal and it’s easy to meet them since they have more leisure time compared to the managers in the office. I learned that this type of person such as committee heads pay higher respect to those that has the same culture, race or religion. While the managers’ value people’s abilities to work instead of other things that are valued by committee heads.
Product Knowledge is also something that I learned during the internship such as things about the product that we offered. Now I know that First Media uses Fiber Optic cables and every area that is covered by First Media is fully operated by cables and not satellite. The usual core of the cable is 12 cores, there are about three methods of construction and all products that are used are imported from overseas. The methods of construction are Aerial where we pull our cables from the electrical pole straight to the houses that wants to subscribe to First Media, Underground is where the cables are put under ground and Clamp Wall for shops is where the cables are placed stuck to a wall.

3.2 Competency
According to Doyle (2018), “Soft skills are the personal attributes you need to succeed in the workplace. These are often related to how you work with others – in other words, these are people skills.” While a Hard skill discuss about a “specific knowledge and abilities required for success in a job.”
Since I was put into Permit Department who mainly works outside the office, the soft skills that I learned during my internship in First Media are mainly in the field of marketing. One type of marketing approach just doesn’t work for everyone, each individual need different marketing approaches method.
For example, the committee heads in Serang usually comes from low economy and low education background. This type of person is easier to handle, no formal approaches are needed, they prefer something more to the point and easy to understand. The level of negotiation difficulty with these people are easy since they’re available most of the time, they don’t bargain much, and formal attire is not a concern to them. Those kinds of situation are much different compared to my experience dealing with a manager in Graha KNS office.
What I learn from the meeting in Graha KNS is to be fully prepared, not only from how the way I look but also the knowledge of the product that we offer. The manager is a well educated man and has a high financial income which can be seen from how he dresses. The manager asks about everything from the products, method of construction, prices, schedule time with the technician, specification of the cables and more. A meeting with these types of people took about 2 hours while the one in Serang only took 10 minutes. The method of negotiations is hard to formulate as they have busier schedule which makes it hard to meet them, we must be well prepared, punctual and we need to be formal in terms of negotiating. Having competent English would be an added value when dealing with managers like the ones in Graha KNS since they use English as their main language. While the soft skills I learned is mostly from my time in Permit Department, majority of the hard skill I attained is from my work in Community Relations Department.
The hard skills that I’ve learned are using Amdocs software where it helped me track all customer information. However this software are not available for everyone, so there’s an intranet that’s accessible for everyone in the building and that also help to gain customer information but not as detailed as the Amdocs. Usually the Amdocs software and Intranet are used when I make VIP letters. From making VIP letters I also learned how to calculate forecast sales for the area and how the costs that we will receive will be bigger than what we’ve put on. Even though I learn more hard skills in Community Relations, I learned some hard skill from Permit in “Combat” project. As mentioned before, the project helped me learned about legal documents and how to get stamps from urban village and sub-districts to make the Permit letter legal.
For future careers, I learned that marketing is important in any industry since everything we do involve other people. Different approaches are needed to deal with different person, but everything is not only based on marketing. Similarities with the person we’re dealing may help to close the deal, in this case achieve a “Permit Done”. People have higher respect and build more trust when they have similarities with the person they’re dealing with and those similarities could be based on culture, race, religion, hobbies and more. I learned that a broad knowledge is always needed such as knowing the recent news that is happening around the world, table manner and culture. During my internship I went through a big event in Indonesia such as Fasting month which are held for Muslims. So, whenever I met people who fast, a form of respect to their religion is to not eat or drink in front of them and the need to wear polite clothing. Sometimes there are people who cannot accept straight forward meeting, and some people are not open to strangers. Similarities with other people helped us to bond better and we have to see the similarities despite the differences that we have.

4.1 Photos

4.2 Log Book

No Date Activity
1. 15/05/2018 Introduction with the Head of the Department (Mr. Dicky), Discuss Job Desks and Working Conditions and Attend a Weekly Meeting with the Permit Department. Along with introduction with the Permit and some Community Relations Department members.
2. 05/16/2018 Set time schedule for field operation and Learn about the company profile, products and services, processes, activities that the division do, partners and annual report along side with Community Relations Department. See and learn about the proposal that is used for negotiations and also a letter of Permit to give to community head.
3. 05/17/2018 Attend a meeting with the Community Relation Department, discuss about the updates dealing with each member’s responsible area and set time schedule for field operation with Permit Department.
4. 05/18/2018 Visit some areas around Serang to extend a contract Permit for Combat, which means ask permission from land owners to put a tower for another year in order to have access to internet through Bolt.
5. 05/21/2018 Attend weekly meeting with Community Relation Department, discuss about any progress made during the week for a certain area and set time schedule for visit around Kelapa Gading area with the Community Relations Department as well.
6. 05/24/2018 Visit 2 locations around Cilegon and those areas are Cilegon Centre Mall and have a private meeting with the committee heads. The result for the meeting in the mall still needs further progress since there are differences between what is offered and what is demanded. Installment can start after the mall soft opening which is on the first of June. After that a quick visit to Serang is made since there’s private meeting that should be attended.
7. 05/25/2018 Attend weekly meeting with Permit Department where everyone made updates and follow ups about the working progress throughout the week especially on Wednesday and Thursday. Later in the day, daily report, signing working contract and create username for computer access is made.
8. 05/28/2018 Made a visit to Pamulang and Ciputat for the day. Dealing with the last process after technical meeting is made and make sure that the designs for the residence extensions is accurate and grant a VIP access for Bukit Dago Residence. After that, for Ciputat area there’s also an extensions for Paradise Resort Residence which needs survey in order for the design team to make an accurate view of the residence,
9. 05/30/2018 Make a VIP letter for the area that had been visited before which is based in Pamulang. The point of this letter is to grant special services offered by the company for the customers. Since making this letter took quite long amount of time, for the rest of the day I set up schedules to visit areas for the next day.
05/31/2018 Attend weekly meeting with Community Relation Department, the meeting was just an update about what everyone is doing throughout the week and the need to compile latest data from everyone. The rest of the day revisions for the VIP letter that is made.
10. 06/04/2018 Attend weekly meeting with Community Relation Department, other than doing the regular such as hearing everyone’s updates and things that are done doing the week the head of department set a challenge for having a Permit done in certain areas for next week. Having many amounts of Permit done means more homepass are reach which determine and measure the employee’s performance. The rest of the day is having informal study of product knowledge by discussing experiences on the field.
11. 06/05/2018 Visit an area in Serang which have been visited before called Ciceri, dealing with the problems around there such as setting down the tower due to contract renewal issue. Since FM has potential customers in Ciceri, another tower within the same range has to be built. The exact location is not found yet so today we’re trying to find that location in order to replace the tower that is taken down.
12. 06/06/2018 Visit places in Pamulang and Ciputat which are Bukit Dago Residence and Paradise Resort. Although these places had been visited before, there are problems that need to be taken care of. The problem with Bukit Dago Residence is about the cables that are taken are too high in voltage which can harm the workers, the solution to take is either find other ways to pull the cables or change into underground process. The problem with Paradise Resort is just cross checking whether the site plan design is as accurate as the real one.
13. 06/07/2018 Attend weekly meeting with Community Relation Department discussing updates for the week yet set goals to achieve after Lebaran holiday. For the rest of the day, I practiced to make more VIP letters which are renewal letters for the month (Harvest City and Rancamaya Residence)
14. 06/08/2018 Attend weekly meeting with Permit Department, just the same as Community Relations, this meeting discuss about updates and set goals that needs to be achieved after Lebaran holiday. The targeted homepass needed to be achieved is around 5000 in Jabodetabek area and that’s what the team needs to focus on. First Media also had collaborated with companies such as WIKA in order to expand its services to broader area other than Jabodetabek by using full cable. During lunch time there’s a meeting in PIK where we dropped a letter for VIP access and needs to be taken around Monday.
15. 06/11/2018 Attend weekly meeting with Community Relation Divison, discuss updates of what everyone’s doing during the week, re-evaluate goals and employee’s performance and again set target for after Lebaran holiday. In total there needs to be 5000 home pass covered by first media for everyone. For the rest of the day, informal study or training is held for learning the company’s application called Amdocs This application will help me during making a VIP letter for the customers.
16. 06/12/2018 Attend weekly meeting with Permit Department, discuss updates and the team had similar problem with Community Relations where their progress is still far from the targeted goal. In the meeting there are certain areas that needs focus such as Jabodetabek and areas in Cilegon and the total home pass needs to be reached and have a “Permit Done” yet active status is around 25.000 home pass each year.
17. 06/13/2018 Make VIP letters for Rancamaya residence, Taman Resort Mediterania and two areas for Serpong Lagoon
18. 06/19/2018 Make report for chapter 2, have some interview with the supervisors and make revisions for the report. Other than that I learned to use the company’s printer to print VIP letters that I’ve made before the Lebaran holiday.
19. 06/20/2018 Print, scan and email maintenance letter that is made by Ms. Dita. Later I stamp the letter and ask Mr. Dicky for signature. Other than that, I continued making internship report for the acknowledgement part and chapter 2.
20. 06/21/2018 Attend meeting with Community Relations Department. Since it’s the first meeting after Lebaran holiday, so there are no updates of progress for the week. Today’s meeting only discuss about the amount of “Permit Done”, “Active” and “C1” of everyone. There are targets to be achieved so some should work extra and some can focus on certain areas that are done. When a Permit is done, construction needs to work in the area and the status turns active. For the rest of the day I make revisions for chapter 2 and do interviews with Mr. Dicky to gain more information.
21. 06/22/2018 First Permit meeting after the Lebaran holiday. Discuss about employee’s performance just the same as Community Relations’ meeting. The purpose of this meeting is to point out what areas need to be visited by this week and areas that needs to be focused on. Deal with IM problems in Bintaro, Kebayoran Heights residence. Since the place is closed area and gaining access there is difficult a letter of IM needs to be presented to the Community Head. Eventually Mr. Agit had the time to meet and he will grant First Media access to fix the problems of the network of the VIPs are on or it goes the other way around.
22. 06/25/2018 Meeting with committee head in Sunter Paradise 2 dealing with IM (fixing problems with the network) but the CH’s not present today. What First Media have to provide are the copy of the construction’s team ID and a maximum of three workers only. They’re worried with the security issue so they want small number of people working and if possible only the same person as the copy of the ID. So, we make another appointment to meet with the CH this Thursday (June 28th) at 8.00 a.m. with a new Permit letter, stating that we agreed with only 3 workers working and a copy of the worker’s ID.
23. 06/28/2018 Meeting in Sunter Paradise 2 and Graha KNS Kepala Gading. The first meeting in Paradise 2 results is pending since we’ve met the committee head and he needs time to review the letter. The second meeting in Kelapa Gading is a spider project where First Media offers internet services to offices. The second meeting includes a technical meeting as well and the result is successful. Further things that need to be prepared are the schedule of construction so the office knew when First Media will start the installment and they can assign their technical workers to stand by.
24. 06/29/2018 Meeting with Mr. Widodo somewhat the Permit team in Gedung Kesekretariat Negara. This meeting discuss about access for IM problems, there’s one main cable outside the building that is chopped by a grass cutter machine. The cable was cut thoroughly so the internet around the area is fully off. Asking permission for access is to help the technical team to work easily in and out of the building and solve this problem as soon as possible. The construction will start on Saturday (06/30/2018) and the permission had been granted on that day by receiving a special letter from Mr. Widodo.
25. 07/02/2018 Meeting with head technician, Mr. Jahyadi and the PIC of the building, Ms. Ira dealing with Spider project. Unfortunately drawing of where the cables are going to put in are still pending but the meeting went smoothly. The things that are needed to be provided are SPK and timeline of construction. There’s a request of VIP for one point that needs to be granted but in return they’ll provide First Media more time for the sales team to set up banner at the lobby from 1x (1 day) to 3x (3 days). The work for sales will begin by next week (July 9th) and the internet should be active by this month. Menara ERA had 70 units and 40 companies working actively but there are other providers who had enter this building such as Indihome, Biznet and Quantum. It would be easier if First Media could offer a lower price than the competitors but since the competitors don’t use full cable the internet quality is not stable. While First Media uses full cable, hopefully this can help boost sales by providing a stable internet for the tenants who uses First Media.
26. 07/03/2018 Attend weekly meeting with Permit team discuss about updates of what everyone’s doing during the week. As what have discussed in the previous meeting, the team focuses more to the areas that are assigned before and mostly are aerial not combat or spider. Some Spider projects are done within this week just to finish the deal that had been made before or there’s a change in PIC since the last PIC had resigned. For the rest of the day I helped make a VIP for Kebayoran Village and continue to make my report.
27. 07/04/2018 Make one VIP for Serpong Lagoon and I was assigned to edit the company’s presentation in Power Point. There’s a new method called the FFTH which means Fiber to Home and was not put in the original presentation. The edits consist of combining the old methods with the new methods and make changes for the designs.
28. 07/05/2018 Attend weekly meeting with Community Relations, discuss for updates during the week and again was reminded for the grade of everyone’s performance. This week there’s a new member for Community Relations Department who joins as well. Mr. Moshe teaches his team to count what areas that needs to be handled, how many areas they need to achieve and how many areas should be visited for each week in order to achieve their target. Later during the day I continued edit the presentation that was assigned before.
29. 07/06/2018 Attend weekly meeting which discuss about updates that are done by everyone during the week. Again was reminded to achieve target but overall the performance of everyone during the week was great. For the rest of the day I continue editing the presentation that was assigned before.
30. 07/09/2018 Went to Sunter Paradise 2 for a meeting with the committee head but unfortunately the CH had gone off to work. So, the meeting got rescheduled to tomorrow (Tuesday, July 9) at 8.00. For the rest of the day I planned out schedule to visit our assigned area with Preety and finish working on the report.
31. 07/10/2018 Attend meeting with Permit Department, discuss updates and was reminded about the target that needs to be achieved. Since there are assigned areas that needs to be visited, Permit letters should be made. In total Preety and I make 6 letters and for the rest of the day we continued editing the presentation.
32. 07/11/2018 Survey areas for Komplek B Diesel in Sunter but results in a dead end. The area has small roads that don’t fit one car, so it’s hard for access later on for construction and more. The cables in the area are aerial but it’s attached to houses. The next area that is surveyed is Duta Square in Jelambar, I meet the committee head and able to get his signature on the letter.
33. 07/12/2018 Attend weekly meeting with Community Relations, this time since there’s management trainee a presentation is presented. Through the presentation I got more knowledge about the construction methods and more. Other than that the rest of the meeting discuss updates from everyone. After making a Permit letter, Preety and I went to Griya Tirtayasa around Alam Sutera to meet with the CH but the CH was not there. Since there’s no possible way to meet the CH that day, we dropped the Permit letter to the security along with our phone numbers.
34. 07/13/2018 Attend weekly meeting with Permit Divison mainly discuss updates and progress that everyone had made around the week. Went for a technical meeting for Paradise Resort (The Bay). The purpose of this technical meeting is to let the PIC knew where we’ll be putting our nodes and pedestals in the area, explain that we use underground boring method and later tell when the construction will will start. So far there’s no issue but a letter is needed and later after this project is done, FM can continue to expand its network to more areas in Serpong, Summerland that is under the same developer.
35. 07/15/2018 Make a survey for Duta Square to re-check whether the design that is made is accurate. It turns out that the design is accurate and shows exactly which places are considered aerial or underground.
36. 07/16/2018 Attend weekly meeting with Community Relations. The meeting discusses updates and progress each member made during the week. Then going to area in Sunter Permata to get “Permit Done”. The result is that the committee head signed the letter but there needs to be confirmation to the PICs in both areas, Permata 1 & 2. The PIC in Permata 1 granted access but the PIC in Permata 2 is not present at the moment.
37. 07/17/2018 Attend meeting with Permit to discuss updates and progress that everyone made during the week. This meeting also assigns PIC for the areas that already had “Permit Done” by the interns. Other than the meeting, Preety and I went to survey in Griya City Karawaci, turns out that the area is already active.
38. 07/18/2018 A “Permit Done” status had been achieved for Sunter Pemata since the PIC in Permata 2 had signed the letter. Later a visit Griya Tirtayasa to meet with the committee head and it turns out that Bapak Made needs more time to consider and re-read the letter. He will personally contact First Media if he wants First Media services to enter. Later that day a technical meeting is held with the committee head, Bapak Andres in Duta Square. A re-design site plan is needed since there are revisions for pedestal placement.
39. 07/19/2018 Attend meeting with Community Relations to discuss updates that everyone made during the week and reminded the team to achieve target. Later that day a MoM (Minutes of Meeting) letter is made and also SRF (Survey Request Form) letter. Those letters are needed to ask for the design team to re-survey the area for pedestal placement and asks to create a new design to give for the committee head later. “Permit Done” status is achieved for Griya Tirtayasa as well and a SRF letter is also made to request for survey in the area.

Supervisor Signature,

Rangga Aditya Prabawa
Date : July 23, 2018

4.3 Supervisor Evaluation Form
No Items Weight Score
(1 – 100)
1. Discipline & Punctuality
(Kedispilinan dan ketepatan waktu) 20 %
2. Ability to understand Instructions to do the tasks (Kemampuan untuk memahami instruksi dalam melakukan tugas) 15 %
3. Responsibility &Ability to complete the tasks on time (Tanggung jawab dan Kemampuan untuk menyelesaikan tugas tepat waktu) 20%
4. Ability to work in teams
(Kemampuan bekerjasama dalam tim) 15 %
5. Proactive (Proaktif) 15 %
6. Disposition, Communication Skills & Courtesy (Pembawaan diri, kemampuan komunikasi dan etika) 15 %
Total 100 %

Supervisor Signature,

Rangga Aditya Prabawa
Date : July 23, 2018
4.4 Monitoring Sheet

No Date Remarks Lecturer’s Signature
1. 05/14/2018 First meeting with UPH advisor
2. 06/27/2018 Second meeting with UPH advisor
3. 07/23/2018 Third meeting with UPH advisor

4.5 Grade Box

No Items Weight Score
(1 – 100)
1. BAB I 25 %
2. BAB II 30 %
3. BAB III 45 %
Total 100 %

Lecturer’s Signature,

Chrisanty Layman
Date : July 23, 2018?

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