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An individual essay that will require students to demonstrate understanding of tourist consumer behavior as impacted upon by marketing and new technologies in a hospitality organization.

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Mr. Ioannis Evagelou
33MCB49001: Marketing and Consumer Behavior
Submission Date:

16th of April 2018

The purpose of this essay is to outline and analyses the important factors of the use of ICT technology and social media in the consumer s purchasing decision in the specific airline, Air New Zealand. This paper discusses comprehensive research, including exploratory research with airline executives, utilizing subjective techniques to look at the utilization of ICTs in the contemporary aircraft industry and to discuss recent developments in the industry. Started is an introduction to the airline. Secondly, in the main body the market mix will be analyzed and discussed with its market approach for Air New Zealand. Besides, the role of the ICT and Social Media will be concluded and discussed for the Air New Zealand.
Air New Zealand

(1965 Name Change Poster. Via
Marketing Mix – Product, Place, Price & Promotion
Marketing Mix – People, Process & Physical Evidence …
Air New Zealand is the national carrier of the country New Zealand. With its main hubs in Auckland, Los Angeles and Hong Kong it flies to over 40 airports connecting the world with its routes to 20 countries world-wide. Air New Zealand, established in 1940 as Tasman Empire Airways Limited, is New Zealand’s national carrier. The flight is most common in Asia Pacific with it serving Australia the most but it doesn’t fly to Europe. Its only destination in Europe is the United Kingdom. The airline name was founded in 1965 after the merge of the different airlines in New Zealand. It was founded to connect Australia and New Zealand to the rest of the world. For the first time in 1989 Air New Zealand was listed on the New Zealand Stock Exchange. At the present times Air New Zealand owns 99 aircrafts and employees 10,500 people world-wide and the airline sis the largest airline in Oceania (Misachi, 2017). The company has 5 guiding principles. The aircraft team will be the clients’ aircraft of decision when making a trip to, from and inside New Zealand. The second principal is, assembling upper hand in the majority of our organizations through the inventiveness and advancement of our people. The third principal is being passionate of what is served, they will champion and advance New Zealand and its people, culture and business at home and abroad. Then there is teamwork, incorporating an incredible group focused on the development and imperativeness of their organization and New Zealand. And the last one is having fun whilst on the air in the aircraft, meaning the working environments will be fun, invigorating and where everybody can have any kind of effect (Air New Zealand, 2018).
Main customer segment
The advantage of Air New Zealand is that it has nor real customer segment or base and therefore they offer services to everyone. Air New Zealand is more of an Asian Pacific oriented airline as it only has one European route which is the UK. As said in the Star Alliance website “Air New Zealand continues to invest heavily in its domestic, Tasman/Pacific and long-haul products and services to meet the needs of both its business and leisure customers” (Star Alliance, 2018). Due to the development of technologies and the increase of globalization, the airline has seen a high demand in its route additions to Europe. There is no age restriction when flying this airline as all genders and ages are welcome to move from one country to another.

Air New Zealand is the world’s largest and only aircraft ever to be painted in a totally black livery (Harris, 2012). People fly this airline not only because of its fully black painted airlines but because of its exceptional customer service and strong marketing tool and its sense of pride. In a way the airline is interacting with the customers to get the best out of them. By channeling their interest.
Market served
Like any other airline in the world Air New Zealand basis its route networks and their segmentation of customer market on psychographic segmentation. This airline utilizes a type of psychographic segmentation to divide up the market for its services. This includes recognizing the social class, ways of life, suppositions, interests, conduct and dispositions of clients. Modern communication frameworks have a noteworthy influence in this data gathering exercise. With the assistance of surveys, Air New Zealand characterizes its customers by their motivation and inspiration. For instance, a few clients pick Air New Zealand as a result of cost, while others pick the carrier as a result of timetables, regular customer programs or different types of services provided in the airline and on ground. For Air New Zealand, successful segmentation empowers focusing to happen. Focusing on gives the concentration to the exercises of the business. It empowers advancements and services to be pointed just at the individuals who are well on the way to react emphatically to them. Travelers are communicated by email which is turning into a concentration for closely-targeted marketing.

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