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2.7. Global Overview of Human Trafficking
As Wegayehu. ,T (2014) cited in Laczko, (2005) stated that “an estimated of 600,000 to 800,000 men and women and are trafficked across global borders every year, and this report did not include millions who are victims of trafficking within their nations. Furthermore (Wagaayehu, 2014) asserted that, all East African countries have recognized as source transit and destination country.
Adding to the above (Wegayehu, 2014) cited in (Endeshaw 2006) revealed that trafficking is not a new phenomenon, but it has recently reemerged globally, furthermore author listed Ethiopia among countries affected by the practice trafficking in person. (Allais, 2004) stated, trafficking of person has evolved in to one of the most tragic feature of contemporary global migration and the situation of victims is described as follows:
“Victims of trafficking were exposed to physical and psychological violence and abused, denied labor right. Are illegal before the law and are often found in a forced and unwanted relationship or dependency with their traffickers”.

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