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111 Town Square Pl, Jersey City, NJ 07310, U.S.

3.4 Technology Factors

It seems like McDonald’s use less of technologies, however, McDonald’s have the greater impact. Amazon, Google, Acer, these companies make use of internet and technologies more, whereas McDonald’s technologies are required to improve the staffs’ productivity, communication with the teams and to produce the food as fast as possible to the customers’.

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McDonald’s have made use of technologies in many ways and one of them is advertising on hanging TV behind their cashiers, another one is McDonald’s use their websites to show the nutrition facts and the home delivery through online which make customers’ lifestyle more easier.

3.5 Legal Factors

Health regulations imposed by governments to McDonald’s fast food industry which limits on producing the fast food such as burgers and fries and in some countries McDonald where banned from opening their branches in that particular country such as Iceland, Iran, Italia etc. Iran and Italia are having a high population which means McDonald’s are losing their customers’ and this will lead McDonald’s to gain less revenue.

McDonald’s does not band for an only unhealthy meal but also increase in animal welfare which means the customers in that particular area or countries want to vegetables. This factors doe’s effect the revenue of McDonald’s because McDonald’s are mostly producing the non-veg food, however, McDonald’s are now started producing veg burgers which can lead to increase in demand but the results of revenue are still not to the level that they expected to be.

Another issue that McDonald’s are dealing with is the rate of labour turnover, of course, McDonald’s is having high labour turn over because the workers are paid to the level they should be which lead to create more unemployment rate and this is the unemployment rate that governments of every country is trying to reduce. Because of this reason McDonald’s have been banned from some country that already tackling with the unemployment rate.

3.6 Environment factors

McDonald’s is every day by increasing the number of fast food restaurants. Everyday McDonald’s is using a huge amount of napkins, carryout bag, clamshells, tray lines, which is harmful to the natures because plastics is non-biodegradable and they take centuries to decay. Also, plastics are harmful to the animals, because after the consumption of plastic, the animals are going to die.

McDonald’s use oil to produce their burgers, fries and burritos which is also harmful for oceans or river also because oil can’t be mixed with water which is going to make ocean and river worsen both in visualization as well as the taste, because when poor people can’t afford for water obviously there will need to drink water from the sea or ocean or river which will destroy their conditions.
So, McDonald’s have to be aware with what they are doing with oils and plastics.

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