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4 Questions To Ask Before Hiring A Collaborative Divorce Attorney
Choosing a collaborative divorce attorney is one of the most significant decisions in your divorce process. Gathering information about your potential divorce attorney’s experience, how your case will be handled and the fees you may pay is key to knowing if that attorney is right for you.

Asking the right questions is extremely important to ensure you have the representation you need and are comfortable with. Check out the questions below, and when you’re ready, setup a free initial consultation with Jennifer Nixon to learn more about how she can work with you in your situation.

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1. How Much Of Your Practice Is Family Law?
Asking your collaborative divorce attorney this question allows you to understand how qualified they’ll be when working on your divorce. Divorce can get much more complicated than you might think, and where there are complexities you will want an attorney who works with those issues more often.

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2. How Will You Involve Me In My Divorce?
Depending on your level of comfort, you may want a collaborative divorce attorney who will involve you in different ways. Typically, collaborative divorce requires heavy involvement from you, but of course there are variations within each divorce, and from attorney to attorney, which allow for your personal involvement needs to be met.

3. What Kind Of Experience Do You Have In Handling Cases Like Mine?
A question like this will give you a deeper look into both how well the collaborative divorce attorney has listened to what you have to say about your divorce thus far, as well as whether they’ve dealt with similar situations. You may have special circumstances, such as specific custody concerns, or a business or other large assets to split up.

4. What Is Your Retainer Fee And Hourly Billing Rate? What Does That Include?
It’s important that your collaborative divorce attorney be upfront about retainer fees and hourly billing rates, as well as what’s all included. Without upfront and honest communication, there can be confusion or negative feelings after the fact. Ask questions and be sure you understand the billing process and possible fees to expect.

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