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6.9. End of Life Care
6.9.1. Healthcare Professionals shall participate in the care of the dying patient adhering to current best practice and considering of the wishes of the patient and their family and caregivers.
6.9.2. Healthcare professionals shall participate in in-depth insightful and culturally sensitive education and training in the optimal care of dying patients, when applicable.
6.9.3. During end of lifecare Healthcare professionals shall deploy all possible efforts to relive symptoms of dying patient.
6.9.4. Healthcare professionals shall provide support for patients and their families even when it is not possible to deliver the outcome they wish for.
6.9.5. Palliative care during end of lifecare shall be interdisciplinary in nature renders the needs of both patient and their family members. In caring for patients towards the end of their life, professionals shall understand the limits of health care to prolong life and if needed to recognize in consultation with their colleagues when efforts to prolong life may not benefit the patient in accordance with applicable Qatari law.
6.9.6. Healthcare professionals shall be prepared to communicate bad news to patients and their families and provide support for them while they deal with this news.

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