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6. Persuasion-Ray has the ability to convince others to change the way they think and believe, in particular the brothers. Leadership-Ray had a compelling vision for the future of McDonalds and took risks to reach his goal. Personal Accountability- Ray looked at the obstacles (including people holding him back) as a part of the process of expanding McDonalds and, rather than give up, he was inspired by them. Goal Orientation- Ray was focused on the efforts on meeting his goal.
7. When the brothers opened their first McDonalds walk up store no one walked up to the store window because everyone was used to the drive through experience and not getting food for themselves. This was unusual and new for people which created a problem at first because people had never experienced a walk-up store and were unsure what to do.
8. The brother’s overnight success took 30 years
13. $9billion
14. Ethics

Unethical behaviour is an action that falls outside of what is considered morally right for a person, a profession or an industry. The importance of business ethics reaches far beyond employee loyalty and morale or the strength of a management team bond.

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Ray acted in an unethical manner when he opened a new store across the roads from the brothers and put them out of business. He did not honour his word in the handshake deal which undercut the brothers and he did not do the right thing.


n. The purpose is to accomplish a goal.
In the Film we can see how the brothers use the management functions of planning, organizing, leading, and controlling to improve their business and introduce the Speedee service system. Ray manages the business and plans to execute a plan to expand it in order to reach his goal for McDonalds.
Responsibilities of business managers involve overseeing operations and helping employees reach their top productivity levels. A business manager may also be called upon to supervise or train new employees. The two brothers in the film work together to improve the efficiency and speed at which their food is made. They train staff and work on remodelling the kitchen to ensure the best performance.
Is defined as the capacity and willingness to develop, organize and manage a business venture along with any of its risks in order to make a profit. Entrepreneurship is characterized by innovation and risk-taking. Entrepreneurs are ambitious and are always working to achieve higher levels of greatness. Since there’s no limit to what they can achieve, entrepreneurs constantly find themselves growing and achieving more than they ever imagined. When obstacles get presented in front of them, they find a way to work around then to get to their goal.
As serial entrepreneurs, the McDonalds went from being owners of a failed movie theatre to selling hot dogs, then earned local success with their burger joint. This shows us that the brothers took risks and didn’t let failure hold them back.
Entrepreneurs take the idea and execute on it. In the film we see how Ray takes his idea of expanding McDonalds and executes it to make this idea a reality.

Entrepreneurs are important because they create jobs and change. Entrepreneurs dream big so some of their ideas will make worldwide change. In this case McDonalds has spread across the world and is well known by everyone today.

Entrepreneur traits include:
• Persuasion.

In the film we can see real life examples of unethical behaviour, management of a business and entrepreneurship see how management of business can be difficult and that it’s not easy to start a business. We learn from the brothers that a lot of hard work and processes goes into a business. For example, the brothers spend hours rearranging their kitchen for the best productivity and it takes them 30 years of hard work and dedication to become a success.
Skills needed to be a successful entrepreneur and also shown in the film. We learn that we need to be focused on our end goal and to always take risk in order to get there. People who are standing in the way of your goal should never stop us from reaching it. We need to have skills to lead and motivate people in order to be successful.
We know that we need to make decisions keeping in mind our integrity and know what the right thing to do is, however this is not always the case. Ray acts in an unethical manner when he undercuts the brothers and doesn’t honour his handshake deal. Situations like these are present in the business world today and is important to be aware of. It also teaches us that we shouldn’t trust everyone when it comes to business and we should always look after our businesses for our best interest.
The Founder is about how McDonalds was expanded by Ray Croc and how it was pulled away from the brothers who originally started the business. The brothers buy a cinema in 1929 which fails however it allows them to learn from their mistakes and make McDonalds a success over 30 years. We see how the McDonald brothers were more concerned about the quality of their product and the customer experience by introducing McDonalds’ Speedee Service System, while Ray was more concerned about making money by growing the business.
We see the realities of starting a business and the hard work that goes into it. Scenarios in the business world are also shown such as the risks that Ray takes in order to reach his goal and unethical behaviour.

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