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“Sushmita Ghosh” a name that doesn’t need an introduction. She born in India in Calcutta. The President Emeritus of Asoka, the foundation that coined the term social entrepreneur and provide venture capital to them.
• Early days – She completed her graduation from the University of Delhi. Later on in her life she also worked with one of the famous Maneka Gandhi’s national Indian news magazine as a research and executive director “Surya”. She also works as volunteer. Furthermore, in her life she also wants to start her own magazine eastern India. She started her carrier as journalist.

• Accomplishments-

1. Sushmita had been the president of ashoka at universal headquarter in Arlington, Virginia, for five consecutive years and later on she returned to India
2. Sushmita Ghosh is the inventor and administrator of Ashoka, the World’s first open solving platform for social innovation.

3. She also assists Ashoka to establish it new project in Latin America, and European fund raising.

4. Later on she become the president of Asoka in India from 2000 . Including that she is also a human rights activism and technology entrepreneurs.

5. She is also member of the board of many NPO around the globe.

6. Reprenstative at American India foundation. Including in it this service also assists social change firm and local people.

• Characteristics-

1. Sushmita Ghosh is a great leader that made Ashoka to rise at new level around the globe.

2. She has board thinking in the sense that she solved the biggest question that how can someone suggest social sector globalization.

3. She is behind the idea of changermaker which clarify the certain difficulty face by inventors by encouraging many entrepreneurs through alliance.

4. Worked with social induction ceremony.

5. Her governance has increase ashoka growth and its supports plans for the world citizens sector.

• Barriers-
At ashoka circumstances are developing but financing still remain a big issue which she has faced.

B). Impact-

i. In 1992 she thought of the innovative idea to develop changemaker.
ii. She thought of the idea to make available the source for knowledge scheme drawn from the social executive association for improving by any creator.
iii. This situation led to the restoration of the changemakers as an platform accessible on the internet that gather the whole ecological community of revolution.
iv. Whole ecosystem of development includes – innovators, capitalist, enthusiasts and final users.
v. In Asoka’s chain of pioneer by leveraging the knowledge, changemakers assist in identifying and solving any social challenges face by there applicants.
vi. Not only they solve their problems but also encourage innovators to reply to the challenge through open, welcoming “collective competitions”.
vii. Sushmita Ghosh invention motivate people to built their own society of change maker.

C). Conclusion-
Sushmita rose from journalist to the president of the ashoka which is a universal corporation. She has been in India as Ashoka’s country representative between 1989 to 1997. She is one of the exceptional person who work together with social entrepreneur without getting any acknowledgement. Her innovative thought that is to bring together the world of social and business entrepreneurs. She has made India potential at international level. She exposed to very large number of people at very early age as he nun is a ashoka fellow


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