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A little birdy has told me that Pope Urban II is sending a “call to arms” to the congregation of the Roman Catholic church. People are saying that this call has been initiated by a plea of help coming from Alexius I Comnenus, the Byzantine Emperor. It’s unclear as to whether or not it will be an aid to the Byzantines, or as to take back the Holy Land from the Turks.

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Pope Urban II has just released out a statement officially saying that a crusade is beginning to protect Byzantine and take back Jerusalem. The start of this crusade is to officially be on the 15th of August of the next year (1096). Soldiers, lords, and commoners have all began to take up arms and get ready, but not a single knight has yet to answer the call.

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Hoorah! The first four armies have officially reached Constantinople, being ruled by Emperor Alexius I Comnenus currently.

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At last the last four armies have officially reached Constantinople, bringing up our numbers to 500,000 footmen, and 50,000 knights!

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These crusaders have scaled the wall of this Holy City successfully and Jerusalem is now back under the Pope’s control. People are calling this “The Siege of Jerusalem”, while others are saying “The Massacre of Jerusalem”.

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