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A questionnaire is a from of survey that consists of series of questions. A questionnaire was conducted to gather contemporary data on the ‘perceptions of the youth by the community and the impacts of such perceptions on the well-being of the youth’ allowing the researcher to construct an accurate evaluation

Google forms was used to generate two separate questionnaires; youth aged 15-24 consisting of 8 questions and the community aged 25 consisting of 11 questions. These questions varied from multiple choice, checkbox, multiple choice grid and open ended questions. Both surveys were developed and sent online through google forms. The medium used to send out the surveys was through social media sites such as school email to teachers and students as well as snapchat and instagram. Responses and results were reoced and collated to develop the researcher primary research findings over a two week period. 53 Young people and 36 members from the community participated in the survey process with an even distribution of males and females to avoid bias within responses, allowing the researcher to compare equal data records. Google forms is an efficient tool which automatically graphed and collated all reponses showcasing various trends.

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A combination of open ended and close ended questions will gather opinions of individuals in the community. Closed questions are quantitative and give clear and concise responses from participants, allowing an accurate analysis. Although, open ended questions are qualitative as they gather in detail opinions. This type of question allows clear clarity as respondents will be able to stipulate detail of their understanding. For example, a closed question that was constructed in the questions asked ‘have the perceptions used by the community to describe youth impacted your economic well-being?’. One respondent answered ‘yes’, so the open ended question of ‘how’ gave further insight as the participant stated ‘they were given less shifts’

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