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111 Town Square Pl, Jersey City, NJ 07310, U.S.

Normal male (33) of Swiss albino mice at 9 weeks of age and body weight 41-49gm were the targets for this experimental study. These objective mice were divided into three objective groups (each group=11). The first objected group of mice was kept as unirradiated control. While the other objected mice groups are used as radiated groups with laser. Our presented research was considered as a suggestion that established possible impacts of low laser at the cellular structure of the common thymus gland in mice. The outcomes of our work demonstrate the supposition and the laser caused marked changes in the cellular consists of the thymus gland particularly the formation of the thymocytes which included raised volume of the thymocytes and reduplication of the cellular nuclei. These variations were numerous in the contains of the thymus gland thymocytes of the second group of mice radiated with laser, but the mentioned changes were more numerous in the structure of the thymocytes of the thymus glands to the third group of mice radiated with laser.

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