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Throughout our world, there are many different ways that different countries protect or provide security for their land. In this paper, I intend to explain the difference between the United States of America and our homeland security verse how the homeland security is in Venezuela. There are many differences in how it is protected and secured but what my paper is going to contain is how the two can be similar. I will discuss the history of terrorism in Venezuela, the type of terrorism that is most prevalent, and the homeland security that is used to combat terrorism in Venezuela. After doing so, I will compare the same information to the United States.

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A lot of the news reports that we hear on the news channels, newspapers, social medias, and internet, in the last couple years is how Venezuela is going down with a lot of in-home terrorist’s attacks, protests, violent crimes, and their government. When you google, “What is going on in Venezuela?” tons of different topics come up in results. One of the latest problems are drone attacks, or another would be them being in a deep recession and hyper-inflation. In response just to these two topics results in protests, killing of people, destruction of land and properties. So why is this all happening?
Venezuela is located on the northern coast of South America. It has many islands in the Caribbean Sea and continental mainland. If you were to look at pictures of this country, it would look like paradise and somewhere you would want to vacation. Unfortunately, though, it is not. There are so many crimes and deadly protests that have been happening in Venezuela that it is not somewhere to vacation or live. This has been the case for Venezuela for a while. According to, in the nineteenth century, Venezuela was under dictatorial rule which means that it is under one ruler that holds all of the power, which is a dictatorship. In the 1970s and early 1980s the economy of Venezuela crippled, when the collapse of oil prices and public spending and debts of the government happened. When the new President was announced, Carlos Andres Perez, it had led to massive riots and “subsequent crack-down,” by the police and the military, which then became known as the Caracazo, ( Riots have been happening in Venezuela since the 1980s all because of their leadership in their country. With having the wrong leadership, recessions, oil companies collapsing, riots, and how the leadership ran their police and military all started the trouble and riots in their own country which would be the in-home terrorism. The newest terrorists’ attacks in Venezuela are the attacks made by drones. In Venezuela, the newest president, Nicolas Maduro was attacked by a terrorist behind a drone during a parade. When Maduro was in the middle of his speech, they saw drones in the sky and then two of them exploded and made threats to the people, the military, and the president of Venezuela. With this attack, they still are figuring out the person behind this attack.
Terrorism is defined as, according to, “The systematic use of violence to create a general climate of fear in a population and thereby to bring about a particular political objective.” There are many different types of terrorism that describe different scenarios. For an example, revolutionary terrorism is the most common form of terrorism. The definition of this type of terrorism means to seek the complete destruction of a political system. Now with this being said, the type of terrorism that occurs in Venezuela would be Dissent terrorism. According to, Dissent Terrorism is defined as terrorist groups that rebelled against their own government. Now this is a great example of terrorism of the riots against the dictatorship in the past in the 1970s and early 1980s, and also the attack recently against the President with the drone attacks.
The point of Homeland Security in each country is to prevent terrorist attacks against their countries. With how the country of Venezuela is a mess, the homeland security of Venezuela is not the best. They are more so in favor to protect the President, Nicolas Maduro, especially now in order to figure out who was behind the drone attacks, but do not have much of a homeland security for the rest of their country right now. According to, Venezuela is a tragedy and not a terrorist threat. Since the country in such a crisis, with no food, the economy in shambles, inflation, health care being poor, no water, no public transportation, they are more of a crisis and not a threat.
Now with how the United States compares to the country of Venezuela is similar and different. As for the history and type of terrorism in the United States, there were many similarities.
Unfortunately, there is quite the history of terrorism in the United States. According to, there are many origins in means of terror in the United States. There was in-home or, “homegrown” terrorist attacks such as the 1995 Oklahoma City bombing and the 1996 Atlanta Olympics bombings. There were also terrorists’ attacks that came from foreign countries which was the Islamic extremism. There are also terrorists’ attacks that were lone-wolf attacks such as the Las Vegas shooting in October of 2017, or another type of terrorism called domestic terrorism which was an attack in 2009 the Fort Hood shooting. The worst attack in United States history was September 11, 2001 in New York. There have been many domestic attacks in the United States just in school shootings. The United states has had a lot of domestic attacks which could include the violent riots and protests that we have had in the last couple of years against our political system, just as similar as the Venezuela domestic attacks in their own country.
As I mentioned before, there are many different types of terrorism in the United States. However, the type of terrorism that is most prevalent in the United States would be, “homegrown” terrorism. As awful as that sounds, our own people in this world are the reason we are losing so many people. According to, after 9/11, jihadists have killed 103 people in the United States. As of October 4, 2018, there was 65 school shootings, which would be homegrown terrorists’ attacks. Since the beginning of 2018, there has been more than 300 mass shootings in the United States which is another example of homegrown terrorism. So, in conclusion, this would show the main type of terrorism that is in the United States would be, homegrown terrorism, which is the terrorism most prevalent in Venezuela as well. Venezuela is more homegrown terrorism because of the riots and attacks against their own government, but still are their own people wanting to hurt their own country.
According to, which is the Department of Homeland Security website, there are four ways that the Department of Homeland Security is working to prevent terrorism in the United States. The first way is, “DHS partners with organizations across the country to stop violent extremists from radicalizing and recruiting in our communities.” Second role to protect the United States against terrorism is, “The Office of Intelligence and Analysis (I&A) disseminates relevant, timely intelligence information to keep our homeland safe.” The third way entails, “The Office for State and Local Law Enforcement (OSLLE) works directly with first responders who are on the frontlines to prevent, prepare for, protect against, and respond to acts of terrorism.” And lastly, the fourth role the Department of Homeland Security is trying to prevent terrorist attacks against the United States is, “DHS advances broader public awareness programs and activities to be a step ahead of violent extremists.” These are the ways that Homeland Security is using to combat terrorism in the United States of America.
In conclusion, Venezuela’s terrorism may be different in different ways, but they are also the similar types of terrorism. There have been outside attacks on both of the countries, but there are also attacks from the inside that hurt the country as well. Whether it is homegrown, domestic, or foreign attacks, both of the countries have gone through the same types of attacks. As for the homeland security of both countries, the United States has a very well thought out ideas in order to protect the country. As for Venezuela, the homeland security is a little bit different. They never really had a plan when it was under a dictatorship, but now with the President running the country, the homeland security is all about protecting the president rather than about the country. The country is in such a crisis, they are only really trying to protect our president, which is what our Homeland Security of the United States does as well.

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