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111 Town Square Pl, Jersey City, NJ 07310, U.S.

Success of a curricular program offered by a university can be determined through the competencies of its graduates, the knowledge and skills the graduates acquired that can be applied in the work environment. This study aims to determine the perception of employers on the work competency based on program outcomes and satisfaction on the job performance of the Pangasinan State University BS Mathematics graduates. The study used a descriptive survey of research method using the employers as the key informant. Findings revealed that BS Mathematics graduates were outstanding in terms of being well – rounded, ethically and socially aware, independent, and adaptive. The employers were also very much satisfied in the work performance in terms of the knowledge to work, trainability, and work attitude of the graduates. Several graduate outcomes can be used to predict the level of satisfaction of the employer on the work performance of the BS Mathematics.
The findings suggest the need for continuous monitoring on the feedback performance in order to incorporate the viewpoints of the work setting. Further, the academic institution should continue on monitoring the graduate’s work performance by identifying the differences between developments of learning in classroom and the requirement of their actual workplace in the industry. Additionally, study suggests that enhanced program outcomes incorporating employer’s feedback to improve work performance of the graduates.

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