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111 Town Square Pl, Jersey City, NJ 07310, U.S.

Abstract—Vehicular Fog Computing (VFC) is expected to be
a fruitful candidate for the Intelligent Transportation Systems
(ITS) in terms of bringing better traffic safety and efficiency
solutions. However, the cost of deploying large-scale testbeds for
the industrial VFC is prohibitively huge. Therefore, a cooperative
ITS simulation framework is essential to test the performance of
such solutions before their actual deployment. Such framework
dynamically joins a traffic simulator with a network simulator.
However, the ability of a cooperative framework to evolve with
the upcoming versions of simulators can not be fully ensured.
Hence, there is an utmost requirement for a bidirectional-coupled
framework that can be embedded inside the network simulator.
It should also be capable to evolve with the future versions of
the coupled simulators. We have developed a framework for VFC
that fulfills these requirements.
Index Terms—Vehicular Fog Computing, ITS, TraCI, Network
Simulator 3, Cluster computing, SUMO

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