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111 Town Square Pl, Jersey City, NJ 07310, U.S.

According to Chimamanda Adichie Inspirational Speech on the TED, she talks about how Single Stories of something Specific Create Misunderstanding. Adichie was born and raised in colonial Nigeria. She mostly talks about her childhood and her past life experiences. Even living in colonial Adichie still had a good education and she was exposed to foreign ways of life, when Adichie moved into her college dorm with roommate. Her roommate Single story of Adichie was so bad. She was seeing her in different ways. She had no Idea that Adichie is well educated and she was no different than anyone else.
“The Danger of a Single Story” in this video Adichie warns all of us to stay away from one side stories and beware of the negative effects they can have on the way one thinks. We should always look at two sides of stories before we make comments on somethings. Watching the video, I learned that We all have our Own Language and Culture and our own way of communication skills and one single story mostly lead us to misconceptions of their true nature.
Me myself can relate to Adichie in so many ways. I moved here 7 years ago from Nepal with totally new language and culture. When I first attend my high school, I was very scared to share my stories thinking, what they think and feel seeing me around in school hallways trying to learn simple stuff that five years kids know. I used to feel very uncomfortable asking for helps. With times I learned English and made some new friends from different countries and religion. I was very surprised to know about the diversity and that my religion might be different from others but I’m no different than anyone else around and how we all are related in one way or another even though the way we think is different and we from different side of the worlds. We all have our own uniqueness and our own way of communication but from Adichie I learned that, single story is really danger so, always look at the two side of the stories.

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