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111 Town Square Pl, Jersey City, NJ 07310, U.S.

According to the Case of Ireland stated by McCoy and Smyth (2007) explored the nature and implications of secondary students participation in paid employment in Ireland. It examined whether engaging in part-time employment while in secondary school has an impact on two educational outcomes-school dropout and examination performance. The study adopted the propensity score matching’ technique, which aimed to examine the effect of part-time work on a particular outcome to make sure that the difference in results for non-working and working students are not overly estimate.The study also considered other characteristics, such as attitudes towards school or involvement in social activities in matching the subject groups with variables. The article gathered it’s data from a national survey of schools in 1994. The survey, of which, collected detailed information on whether the student held a paid part-time job and the number of hours allotted to work at the time of the survey during their examination periods.Outcomes o be considered included the likelihood of dropping out from school and examination respondents.

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