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Activity 1
The CIPD Professional Map was designed by HR professionals in 2009, to map out the skills and knowledge needed to be an effective Human Resources practitioner. It shows an overview of the HR department within a business and what is needed for it to function effectively.
The map can be used for yourself, e.g. preparation for appraisals, looking for a new job and learning about the profession. And it can be used for your organisation, e.g. building role profiles, identifying areas for development and identifying skills needed to make change happen.
The CIPD Professional Map includes the 2 core professional areas, the specialist professional areas, the bands and behaviours. These are as follows:
2 Core Professional Areas:
Leading HR: Leading others by your own example, delivering value and performance in HR teams, budget and finances and HR function design and resource planning.
Insight, Strategy and Solutions: Looking at the business and building a picture, developing action points, delivering a working solution that will continue onwards and doing this with efficiency.
These two core professional areas work alongside with eight specialist professional areas, organisation design, organisation development, resourcing and talent planning, learning and development, performance reward, employee management, employee relations and service delivery and information.
The behaviours ideally needed to be an effective HR practitioner and carry out their activities are to be curious, to be a decisive thinker, to be a skilled influencer, to be personally credible, to be collaborative, to be driven to deliver, to have the courage to challenge and to be a role model.
The bands range from 1 – 4 and these show at what level of competence you are at within HR as a profession, e.g. HR administrator is Band 1 and HR Advisor would be Band 2.

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