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ELA 8#1

11 May 2018

Tiananmen Square

How would you feel if you witnessed your own son or daughter being killed? Many people were killed protesting at Tiananmen Square, Beijing, 1989. Tiananmen Square is in Beijing which is the capital of China. It is the site of a protest that had many motives, actors, actions, and outcomes. One of the motives is that the people believed that with China having a major economic reform they were going to cause problems for the lower-class citizens. Many people took action and decided to make a peaceful protest into Tiananmen Square. Although the Government wanted to prevent a larger protest, the people took the first step and fought for something that they believed should be changed.

The protest in Tiananmen Square had a lot of concerns. The protesters wanted a more democratic government, they didn’t like how the CCP (China Communist Party) was running the economy, the death of Hu Yaobang, and how China was open to a major economic reform. The people were joined by a wide variety of individuals seeking political, social, and economic reforms. Hu Yaobang’s death was the first thing that caused the people to protest at Tiananmen Square. They wanted to persuade the government to call rehabilitate but the government decided to have a state funeral afterall. The funeral was on April 22, 1989 and was filled, about 100,000 Beijing students were present that day. Zhao Ziyang ( the General Secretary) was concerned about the protests held during the funeral, he believed that after the ceremony was over they would be gone, he was so confident that he decided to take a trip to North Korea for a summit meeting. The students however weren’t satisfied of what the government did for Hu’s funeral and they demanded a more proper funeral ceremony. Although that wasn’t the only reason why it all started it’s what caused the people to protest and to take advantage of it and to protest about other things that they want to be better or wanted to have changed. The economy was the other reason why people stayed at Tiananmen Square. They wanted the government to spread the wealth to everyone.Mao Zedong, statesmen who led his own country’s revolution, he was the leader of China’s Communist Party. Mao Zedong’s policy of rapid industrialization and collectivity of land killed millions of people by starvation. “To get rich is glorious” Deng Xiaoping’s expression of what he thought about money he was also the cultural revolution’s victim. Xiaoping was the third chairman of the National committee of the people’s political consultative conference. Most of the protesters were students of universities from different cities. They gathered millions of people at tiananmen square, lower class workers and individuals from different parts of beijing.

The people took advantages of the first protests that were held. The students were the first ones to start a protest, they were already debating what the problems were in their colleges.The students were well prepared and already had a plan done,some other students were there to support them. During the spring of 1989 there was a sentiment growing among university students and others for political and economic reform. The students led the first protest on April 15, 1989. The students gathered at Tiananmen to commemorate Hu and to show their discontent with China’s authoritative communist government

Subtopic 1 topic sentence. Subtopic 3 Supporting detail sentence 1 (source, page). According to source, Subtopic 3 Supporting detail sentence 2. Source said Subtopic 3 Supporting detail sentence 3 (page). Transition Sentence.

Restated Thesis. Restated Subtopic 1. Restated Subtopic 2. Restated. Restated Subtopic 3. Analysis: what did you learn, why does it matter, what questions remain.

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