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After Macbeth’s illusion of the bloody dagger, his soliloquy included a very concerning relation, which is his mentioning of Tarquin. In the first half, Macbeth talks about how his guilty deed has already starting to disturb his sleep, and cause him nightmares. His mention of Hecate shows how witchcraft has had an involvement with the murderous night to come. As Macbeth imagines the murder of Duncan, he mentions how it will resemble Tarquin’s wrongdoings, which is silently entering the bed chamber of Lucretia. But instead for him being King Duncan’s bed chamber. He wishes that no one hears his approach and that it stays a secret along with the murder.
Neptune is known as the Roman god of the sea. Asking the questions of, if Neptune’s oceans will wash off his blood covered hands shows how deeply he is in regrets. In the next lines he knows that even if his hands were to be clean, the color of the ocean would change and tint to red, because even if this all stays a secret he will still be scarred by what he has done though no one is aware.
The term “Roman fool” is a known tale about a soldier who killed himself in a battle to avoid the enemies. Macbeth used this illusion in the meaning of he will not be such as a Roman fool and give up a battle that has not yet been lost.

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