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After Matthew is in a life altering accident which causes major brain damage to Matthew, his two sisters are called to the hospital. When the doctors go over Matthew’s condition the doctors tell the sisters that Matthew is brain dead and the only thing at the moment keeping him alive is the various life support systems they have him on. In Matthew’s will and testament he states that if anything is to happen to him, for example the situation he is in now; the sisters would have to come together and make a mutual agreement on whether or not to ‘pull the plug’ or not.
This is a very big decision for the sisters as they both have two different views on how they should handle the situation. Both sisters have a different perspective on whether to ‘pull the plug’ on Matthew or not. This is a tough question and leads us to a big philosophical debate; “What does the term dead, really mean?”, and how does our outlook on souls affect our perspectives on whether or not to pull the plug. Melinda is strong believer in the existence of souls, in connection to the body. Melinda’s argument is that “Matthews soul is what make the person he is.” she believes that even though Matthew has no brain activity, his soul is still connected to the body, and by ‘pulling the plug’ that is going to take Mathew away completely.
Melinda would have a good chance at convincing her sister that souls do exist by going with the approach cycles of opposites, or the argument of knowledge that Plato has taken from his readings, Phaedo. In his dialogues, Plato uses the defense of cycle of opposites, and argument of knowledge to justify Socrates existence in the beliefs of souls. If Melinda referred to theses examples to justify the existence of souls, Melinda might have a chance at convincing her sister that souls do exist. Melinda’s big argument could be that everything has an opposite, that including the soul. For anything to be there at all it has to rely on its opposites or it would not exist at all, just as day is to night, and asleep is to awaken, a soul is to body.
Plato’s suggestion of an endless cycle of birth, death, and rebirth, explains an expert from Phaedo. In that expert it is an example that shows Melissa that Matthew’s soul existed before “Matthew” himself, and he countiues to exist after Matthew’s no longer here on the physical Earth. Matthew’s body is not what defines Matthew as a person, but it’s his soul that make’s Matthew a person. Even after the many arguments and countless exlpinations that Melinda has for Melissa, and why Melinda believes in the existnace, Melissa will still be skeptical. Melissa may still argue that the soul is part of the body, and when the body dies so does soul, more or less to say, that if Matthew is to be pulled off of life support, the existance of Matthew is gone. Both the sister could argue on the fact of ‘cycle of oppisites’, but Melissa could still place he beleifs in the fact that the ‘cycle of oppisites’ is just a silly specualation.

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