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111 Town Square Pl, Jersey City, NJ 07310, U.S.

An Inconvenient Truth presents in film form an illustrated talk on climate by Al Gore,aimed at alerting the public to an increasing planetary emergency due to global warming.Throughout the movie,Gore discusses the scientific opinion on global warming as well as the present and future effects of global warming and stresses that global warming is really not a political issue,so much as a moral one,describing the consequences he believes global warming will produce if the amount of human generated greenhouse gases is not significantly reduced in the very near future.Gore also presents Antartic ice coring data showing Carbon dioxide levels higher now than in the past 650,000 years.
He begins by explaining the overlap between increase in carbon emissions and increases in global temperature.He also provides a brief explanation of the basic foundational theories on how climate Change works.The film includes segments intended to refute critics who say that global warming is unproven or that warming will be insignificant.For example Gore discusses the possibility of the collapse of a major ice sheet in Greenland is in West Antartica,Either of wich could raise global sea levels by approximately 20 feet,flooding coastal areas and producing 100 million refugees.Melt water from Greenland because of its lower salinity,could then halt the currents that keep the Northern Europe warm and quickly trigger dramatic local cooling there.It also contains various short animated projections of what could happen to different animals more vulnerable to global warming.I have also learned from Gore that each one of us is a cause of global warming but each one of us can make choices to change that with the things we buy the electricity we use,the cars we drive that we can make choices to bring our individual carbon emissions to zero.The solutions are in our hands we just have to have the determination to make it happen.We have everything that we need to reduce carbon emissions.

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