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Ahmad Hafizuddin Bin Ismail
Bachelor of Electrical Engineering (Power System)Faculty of Electrical and Electronics Engineering, Universiti Malaysia Pahang, 2600 Pekan, Pahang, Malaysia.

[email protected] – Smart grid to be one in all the most important facilities deployments around the world and there are also energy issues. Therefore, countries bit by bit took the initiative on Smart Grid analysis and applications as well as utilities. This paper can introduce some attachment of development plans on Smart Grid by understanding in CSG that focuses on Smart Grid analysis supported informatization that contains strategy coming up with standardization and demonstration project.

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Smart Gird forms a largest analysis and preparation trend on electricity grid within the recent decade. It’s a specific area influencing project that many relevant areas like renewable energy and electrical vehicle area unit integrated within the power system. Incentives of Smart Grid area unit its skills on stabilizing energy provide, increasing energy potency and more clean energy towards the severe energy state of affairs worldwide.

Countries has planned their Smart Grid schedule for their national development and business leadership in a very explicit space. Earlier within the year 2003 the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) has printed a ‘Grid 2003’ report back to predict the U.S electricity grid in response to the stress to modernize electric grid by President Push. In 2007, the U.S Congress has passed a very important Act, ‘Energy Independence and Security Act 2007’ (EISA 2007), extremely concerning on Smart Grid. This Act spends the entire section, Section XIII, for Smart Grid. This section is about the necessities for the event of the U.S Smart Grid, as well as institution of a specific organization submit skilled coverage, making ability standards and expressing Smart Grid support. Under EISA 2007, U.S Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI) has advocated a series Smart Grid demonstration project, named EPRI Smart Grid Demonstration Initiative, which is suggested demonstration project in cooperation with some utilities.

Europe has additionally paid their attention in Smart Grid in 2000s. In policy level, EU prefers to debate Smart Grid nearer to their energy planning. In 2006 European Commission promoted an act, ‘Green Paper: A European Strategy for sustainable, competitive and secure energy’, to European Parliament. Smart Grid is highlighted in the SET-Plan of this policy. Another European policy is ‘The third package of legislative proposals for Europe’s electricity and gas markets’, which was promoted by EU commission. Underneath these 2 policies, European Commission established a particular organization, Task Force Smart Grid, for providing suggestion on smart Grid policy and development. Moreover, European Smart Grids Technology Platform had printed 3 strategic documents for describing EU’s Smart Grid vision, research planning and deployment coming up with. In EU’s member countries, some Smart Grid sections have already been applied, like Smart Metering.

China now has started its Smart Grid development. The Primer of the State Council, Wen Jia Bao, required the Smart Grid construction in ‘Report on The Work of The Government 2010’. To response to the governmental appeal, China Southern Power Grid (CSG) has released various research projects and deployment plans so as to upgrade the power service and operations as well as to meet the governmental requirement. This paper focuses on CSG’s Smart Grid vision and the technologies requirement. A roadmap of Smart Grid development from CSG is revealed.

To a particular region, utilities ought to specialise in the need and native state of affairs along into their Smart Grid vision when consulting with many Smart Grid vision worldwide, CSG established its own Smart Grid vision. This vision is made by 6 intention and 5 characteristics.

2.1 Intention for Smart Grid
CSG has six intentions for their Smart Grid vision. This phrase 6 recognizes the Smart Grid definition of CSG. The first wish, recognized as 1025 core, is: ‘Smart Grid is a grid that’s born at a new level. In this stage, the informatization of the grid will to be standardized, unified, all the dashed parts, publishable information, information accessible, smart and timely can be done ‘. In other words, the main concept for Smart Grid CSG vision is grid informatization. Figure 1 introduces six intentions.

5873752746375Figure 1: CSG 6 Intentions
00Figure 1: CSG 6 Intentions

In Figure 1, ‘Standardized’ is the base of knowledge sharing and communications; ‘Unified’ ensures the uniformity of information; ‘All sections coverable’ suggests that all the sections of power grid are ready to collect information; ‘Real-time actable’ is to reinforce the potency of drawback resolution and resources utilization; ‘Information sharable’ suggests that all sections of smart Grid will share information for their own problems and cooperation; ‘Information accessible’ suggests that smart Grid is ready to analyze the collected data and find out the issues and potential risk ‘Intelligentialized’ suggests that new artificial intelligent tools can facilitate smart Grid to diagnose the situation, analyze matters and solve issues a lot of efficiently..

The second intention is’ Smart Grid could be a power grid with utterly communication lined and interaction covered’. The finished communication coverage ensures multi-direction data flow. Compare to ancient power grid, a lot of data from connected sections supports higher operation potency. Interaction among sections of power grid and between grid and customers promote the demand response. New rating scheme and metering system establish bi-directional information flow between utilities and customers.

The third intention is ‘Smart Grid achieves higher performance in data sensing, predictions, decision making and control’. With the knowledge collected, new technologies are applied for grid operation with this information therefore on improve the whole performance. CSG summarizes the advance into four areas: data sensing, as well as information analysis, fault identification and risk estimation; correct prediction, together with fault prediction and load prediction; higher cognitive process and management.

The forth intention is ‘Smart Grid is the basic support for new kind of generations’. the world warming and environmental pollution drive clean energy generation. But when group action to power grid, the own options from these new sort generation can produce important impact on power grid. Typical generation sort is wind generation and solar power generation. The unstable energy provide limits the capacity of those two sorts of generation and challenges the grid stability. Compare to ancient grid, smart Grid is able to enhance the potential of all sorts of generations by various technologies applications.

The fifth intention is ‘Smart Grid provides essential support for development of Electric-Vehicle (EV)’. EV is said to be one in all the most effective technique for environmental-friendly consumptions. however, it conjointly means that all the vehicle energy can return from power system instead of fuel or diesel. it’ll exceed the endurance capacity of ancient power grid. Smart Grid, with its better endurance and downside resolution, can give a powerful base for EV development.

The last intention is ‘Smart Grid reveals an alternation in grid operation’. historically, power grid doesn’t consider the significance to vary consumers’ behaviors. Smart Grid introduces new kinds of valuation scheme, distributed generation and different policies in order that promote customers during a greener intense method. The variation of behaviors forms up the demand response, that is in a position to improve grid performance and enhance energy potency.

Generally speaking, these 6 intentions describe CSG’s Smart Grid vision in several aspects. Compare to smart Grid vision from U.S. or UK, this vision is represented from practical purpose of view. It reveals an understanding from utility on good Grid applications. CSG places the core emphasis on informatization. it’s the most content within the first 3 intentions and can be one among the crucial supports for the rest 3. This stress will seem in CSG smart Grid deployment strategy.

Informatization is one in all the foremost vital options Smart Grid. Much, the bi-directional flow of information and energy indicate that power utilities ought to cooperate with varied external organization. For instance, utility give valuation data and alternative promotion information to client whereas the smart meter from customer aspect might send consumption data back to utility. Over technically communication, power utilities in Smart Grid surroundings need external information for utilities general operations, like call making and schedule controlling; particularly, utilities got to receive weather-status knowledge from observatory for load forecasting in their call support. These needs are inquiring for a join-up platform between utility internal sections and external organization for bi-directional information flows and affair flows.

GPGC raised a project on the join-up platform research and application. This project cooperates with Smart Grid analysis institute in Human University. The whole project is separated into three sections: Technology Development, Technology Standards and Platform Development.

In this paper will be given our smart Grid vision in six intentions. Informatization is a key idea for our Smart Grid development. Based on the intentions, the following works were introduced as key technologies, uniformity and demonstration projects in all areas. A case study has been made on a combined platform between internal departments and external organizations.

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