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Narrowed Topic: Reasons the excessive use of smartphones cause health complications.

Research Question: Why does the excessive use of smartphones cause health complications?
Radcliff, N. (2017). Cell phones and unhealthy side effects. Washington Times. Retrieved from side-effects/
Radcliff’s purpose was to educate a general audience as well as persons with basic knowledge in medical sciences and science and technology, about how the use of cellphones contribute to some negative side effects. Sleep disturbances (caused by a decrease in melatonin), text neck (caused from improper posture) and tiny font vision syndrome (caused by staring at tiny font smartphone screens) are a few of the negative side effects that were mentioned in the article. The article is relevant as it provides sufficient evidence of health complications caused by the excessive use of smartphones and why?
The article is reliable as the author holds degrees in areas relating to the topic studied and she is also a member of the American Society of Anesthesiologists and is associated with the prestigious University of California Los Angeles and the recent date of publications speaks to the credibility of the article.
The author uses a formal, jargonized language to achieve her purpose. Some jargon used in the article are “disc herniation” and “Staphylococcus”.

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