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Another difference that lies ahead is that of the legislation. A monarch has the power to make, amend and repeal laws. However, it’s not the same for the president. The president cannot enforce the laws, he can veto it though. The power lies with the monarch for instance, in Saudi Arabia, the king drafts out the law and order, he decides on behalf of the citizen’s but with the president, the power to make laws lies with senate and the parliament.Over time, there has been a shift from monarchies to republics and, within republics, from parliamentary republics to semi-presidential regimes (Elgie, 2012).
The monarchy has lately been a wane, in midst of it emerged the constitutional monarchy whereby the king or queen sits back and a prime minister runs the affairs of the country. The monarch has to stay neutral in other words they are apolitical. However, it is still a throwback to this era, which means it is seen as an elitist family in a position of privileged success that they didn’t work to earn. For this matter, we believe that a presidential form of government would help counter all the hassles that reside with the existence of monarchy and absolute power.

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