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Arnold Gesell (1896-1961) and Jean Piaget (1896-1980) Arnold Gesell is the first theorist that came first. They both have added to what we know about development in different ways.
Arnold Gesell claimed that genetic inheritance and maturation determined a major portion of an individual’s development. the intrinsic factors include genetics temperament personality, learning styles as well as physical and mental growth. Gesell emphasized that growth always progresses in a pattern, through predictable stages or sequences. Gesell’s work led to the concepts of readiness a period in development when a specific skill or response in most likely to occur.
Jean Piaget physical knowledge, the knowledge of external reality gained from acting on the physical world. Social knowledge learned from others. It includes languages rules, symbols, values, ideas about right and wrong, rituals, and myths. It is learned by observation through being told and for older children and adults, by reading. Social cognition thoughts and understanding about social behaviors and relationships develops during the early childhood years as children move from an egocentric perspective towards comprehension of thoughts and feelings.
These two theorists had some similar ideas in maturation that determined individual’s development and social cognition and understanding social behaviors during the early childhood
These two had some similar ideas in maturation on how they grow and develop in lifespan and becoming mature and social cognition and understanding social behaviors. on how to build relationships

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