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As mentioned in the article, 4.7 million people doing crime in past are not allowed to participate in voting for an election which is commonly known as disenfranchisement. Supporters of giving back right to ex-felons sat that they have completed their punishment and their rights should be restored. However, other say that sentenced criminals have set up poor choice and must not be trusted with a vote. There are too many arguments going on about whether ex-criminals ought to have the privilege to vote or not. Many people have a thinking that every person should have a right to vote because it is just a thing to express your views and there is nothing wrong with that. But some people say if they are not good in making the decision for themselves, how it would be a good idea to give them a choice of decision that affects the whole country.
In my opinion, I would need to state that I differ on ex-criminals to vote. I likewise trust that accused criminals are in jail on purpose. They have a done a crime that is of genuine sort whatever it is; bank robbery, murder, rape, etc. They didn’t settle on a reasonable choice and finally ended themselves in prison. By sure someone knowing these facts will not need these type for persons to vote for a leader that will run this country. How can we allow them to take a decision for the rest of us even when they couldn’t settle on a choice overseeing their own particular lives?
What makes you think they will not commit that kind of crime again? However, there are some people who have turned their path from the illegal world and are living a good life after they committed a felony and were charged for that. Some criminals do change their lives honestly. So, in that I trust that it isn’t reasonable for not enable them to vote; since they have really changed and have turned into another individual. On the off chance that that is the situation, I do surmise that circumstance they should vote, however then we can never know who honestly changed and who is simply lying about the way that they changed.
Efforts to block ex-felons from voting maybe politically or racially motivated. As the author said black men are more likely to be arrested than white men. I think it might be it would be wrong to take away the right to choose the people affecting them by making them criminal forcefully. However, most of the persons return to prison for doing same crime in less than three months. How are we able to have confidence in their decision-making ability? Why someone should have this right to vote if they are the waiting to be released to make the same crime again as soon as possible. Persons that had the highest rearrested rates were robbers, thieves of motor vehicles and selling illegal weapons. By giving back voting rights to ex-felons will allow them to participate in the most important decision of the country. Why should citizens that have committed a crime would have same rights to those who didn’t have ever? Definitely, they didn’t have equal value in society when they were locked in a jail for being a threat to their society.
To sum up, I believe that if a person was sent to jail for not more than one time for committing a less serious felony like stealing food or not paying their full taxes should be allowed to vote. But a person who has done some serious crimes like murder or rape or some other big crime and is doing it, again and again, shouldn’t be allowed to vote because they are clearly not in their right minds. I believe that relying on the crime that they submitted they ought to be judged and not have an equal penalty as other criminals who may have done a considerably more noteworthy crime.

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