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111 Town Square Pl, Jersey City, NJ 07310, U.S.

As of now, the term spirituality is utilized with religion. Religion originates from the Latin word “religare” signifying “to tie together” (Surbone & Baider, 2010). It is the recognizable parts of individuals’ spirituality for example,beliefs, values and rituals (Pehler ; Rosenberg, 2009). Spirituality originates from the Latin word “spiritus” which means life, breath, wind and air, and can be alluded back to the time when God offered life to Adam and Eve (McSherry, 2000). Spirituality is a compound concept and is characterize in distinct ways as per social and religious/spiritual requirements. Religious spiritual needs are the profound needs of an individual; in the event that he can know the necessities, at that point he can act in like manner and discover importance, esteem, reason and expectation in life notwithstanding when life is threatened. All individuals have spiritual needs despite of religious convictions or individual methods of insight of life (O’Brien, 2008). The spiritual needs of non-religious individuals are as critical as those of religion-subsidiary people(Sulmasy, 2009).

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