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As this world’s population keeps growing, athletes are born on a daily basis. Each day there is a young man or woman that wants to play at the next level. There are eight million American high school athletes today, of that eight million 7% or less high school athletes play at the next, of that 7% only 2% will be a division one athlete. Less than 2% even make it to the pros but making it to a division one would be a dream for another athlete looking to make it to the next level in the pros. With that being said players are paid when they make it to the professional leagues such as the NFL, NBA, etc. ADD MORE BACKGROUND OF ISSUE, WAS THIS EVER DEBATED, ADD BACKGROUND OF COLLEGE PLAYER YOU INTERVIEWED. When in college, student-athletes should not be paid while playing a sport BECAUSE REASON 1, REASON 2, REASON 3

One reason student-athletes should not be considered employees while playing a sport is if the NCAA or universities start paying athletes, the mid major universities that are not in the power five conferences such as the ACC, Big 10, Big 12, Pac-12, and SEC will be lost simply because the lack of funding. The top schools that have the money to pay their student athletes will have control over any conference. This would create a huge gap in talent and the mid major level schools could not even begin to compete with the top schools, who would be recruiting higher stared student athletes. Paying athletes would corrupt collegiate athletics and widen the gap between the top twenty schools and the next top one hundred more than it already is. ADD MORE/ DID SHE COMMENT ON THIS REASON

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The second reason student athletes should not be considered employees is because the payments that are being made to the athletes would decrease the funds that the college uses for other departments. There would not be any money to upgrade facilities or to even pay the coaching staff. The budget problem will not just stop at athletics but will eventually make it down to other departments, potentially threatening facility members and students academic careers. If the university does not have money to pay its actual employees than it will make the tuition for a regular student difficult to afford because tuition rates would increase to about twice the amount tution was before just to have money to pay universities employees. When paying for these facilities with the money they do have, most likely it will go towards whatever program brings in the most money, such as football or basketball. If they are paying to upgrade football’s facility ???? DOESNT MAKE SENSE???will could bring a title IX case to the university since the money to going to a male sport. ADD MORE/ DID SHE COMMENT ON THIS REASON

Title IX will violates the laws between money being received FOR ???. Football and basketball are the two top sports that bring in most revenue for most of the universities that are division one schools.. So, if athletes were to be getting paid, any sport outside of football and basketball will deteriorate because of revenue. Comparing football to swimming and diving, almost the same amount of people on each sports team but comparing a football crowd to swimming crowd, now that is just pointless. My point is that the amount of money being brought in by both these teams are a drastic difference. With that being said, football or basketball would be getting paid more compared to any other sports team. If they have to pay football or basketball, they have to be paying every other team. ADD MORE// DID SHE COMMENT ON THIS REASON


In employee relations aspect on if athletes could be paid, this gives the athletes bargaining power to negotiate a contract. By signing the national letter of intent, these collegiate athletes are signing a contract by sign it they are receive a scholarship in exchange. After signing the NLI, they are then under the rules of the NCAA and university. The athlete is than representing what is on the front of the jersey, not their name on the back. Athletes are aware of the rules before signing such as not receiving extra benefits from other organizations and having to wear the universities sponsored brand and no other brand.

REASON 1, REASON 2, REASON 3 are reasons that student-athletes should not be paid while playing a sport in college. ADD TOPIC SENTENCE FROM EACH PARAGRAPH

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