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As we can see, many people have been wondering on K-pop popularity, these are the reasons which make K-pop so uniquely popular. One of the things K-pop does so well is creative use of costumes and color in music videos. Asian pop culture in general, is often heavily refined and well thought. And another way that K-pop keeps thunderstruck the fans is by utilizing strong storytelling in many songs and music videos. Next, K-pop is also well known for its unique, extravagant, and eye-popping personalities and their styles in fashion often far surpass western stars’ in intensity and originality. Lastly, another area where K-pop artists completely dominate is in choreography. Not only does this take an insane amount of hard work, practice and skill, but K-pop artists are well-known for performing these routines live, proving that they are truly skilled, not just well edited in their music videos. Let’s be honest, when we first look at K-pop, we initially see the addictive music, the amazing dance choreography, and the incredibly good-looking stars. But little do we know that there is so much more to this ‘world’.

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