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Assignment 1: Facebook Live Killing
Lakisha A. Fowler
Professor Lateefah Muhammad
July 27, 2018
LEG 500: Law Ethics & Corp Governance
Social media is not known or advertise to fight illegal criminal activity. Facebook is not legally responsible to fight or indulge in any crime. It is not Facebook that commits the crime, it is the people that commits the crime. No one can blame Facebook for the horrible incident that took place. The murder chose to go live on Facebook for viewers to see or entertain in this nonsense. Facebook did not choose to go live. Everyone has choices and decisions they can make on their own. No one forces this individual to commit any crime. The murderer had options and he should be the only one held accountable for his actions. The Cleveland shooting was very terrified, and this man should get the death penalty for the damage he has caused this family. Facebook can implement a new procedure to notify them of any violent activity and it location. This would cause Facebook to spend thousands of dollars. Are they interested in spending this type of funding to keep their ratings? Facebook has the power and resources to come up with a corrective action to be proactive. Facebook has an ethical answer to rescue a victim.
Facebook should run background checks and should add more employees to monitor criminal activity such as retired detectives or a government background. These types of employees will take their employment more serious than someone hired from the street. Their mind is trained, and it is hard for them to be sucked into the drama create changes in society. Facebook can prevent foolishness from happening is to enforce individuals to pay. When something is free, individuals tend to take advantage of it as much as they can until the water dry. When a person pays for something, they will value it, take care of it, be proud of it, and would take it seriously. Facebook is good for promoting business and connecting with love ones. Facebook is not to create and upload violence. Facebook should have employees to monitor closely and engage in real interactions instead of waiting for someone to report an account to investigate and then put them in Facebook jail for 30 days. Facebook could make individuals upload their identification to their database and this could prevent all the fake accounts being made, scams, and easy access to send information to authorities. They would have to provide a telephone number and Facebook would have to verify promptly. CRM should be used to oversee the conduct of Facebook associates. CRM should be used to prevent killings on live, robberies, retaliation, bulling, and defamation. Strict questions should be asked when forming groups as public and private. Facebook should have a hotline that tippers could use to report any violence and viewers can get a reward. Facebook can start taking legal actions toward individuals that wants to commit crime under their website. Back to the Cleveland shooting, if Facebook would be responsible for the actions caused, they probably will take away the live button to protect them.
Facebook needs an ethics officer to be involved with social media online. For some reason, people get a good high off being Facebook Celebrities. Most of them doing it for ratings and to go viral. Most crimes are taken place online and online social media and other companies should take precaution of the risks they take. Broaden their decisions before finalizing their approval of their brand trending. The Oversight Committee will not do any justice for Facebook. The oversight committee will be a waste of funds. The Oversight Committee is mostly concerned about numbers the conflicts and day to day monitoring of criminal activities.
Facebook should create a more positive approach to bring the world as one and promote positive and not letting individuals being able to share live videos. Live videos sometimes get people hurt, sometimes it rescues people, sometimes it helps the lonely. Facebook needs to reevaluate it process about live videos and getting stricter policies on signing up to create an account. Facebook can announce how negative it could be that forming hate groups is not good energy. Hate groups look for ways to destroy individual lives. Facebook also can shut down accounts for good that they seem to question.
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Conduct online research. Find an article discussing a Privacy Issue with Facebook. What is the Privacy Issue? How did Facebook respond to the issue? Was the response reasonable, why or why not. Use knowledge from Week 1-chapter readings and discussions to assist in answering the question. This question relates to your paper topic. 
A timeline of Facebook’s privacy issues — and its responses
Facebook’s recent crisis is just one of many privacy issues that company has had to deal with in its relatively short existence.

The privacy issue is that Facebook handles information so loosely and careless. There is no guarantee of privacy when deleting Facebook. There is still information that users can download or have access to. Facebook response was telling users to relax. This response was not reasonable. Facebook should put their self in the user’s feet and see how it is on the other side of the table. Facebook is only looking at the money that this is bringing to the table. Scams, fraud, identity theft happens every day. Facebook should take users information very seriously.
A timeline of Facebook’s privacy issues — and its responses Newcomb, Alyssa 2018 Retrieved from

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