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Baba betrayed Ali by sleeping with his first wife, thus bringing Hassan into the world. Amir betrayed Hassan by watching him getting raped by Assef, the neighborhood bully, instead of taking a stand for him and framing him for stealing his watch and birthday money. In both circumstances, Amir and Baba betrayed people who were nothing but loyal to them and had to deal with the guilt by keeping their betrayals a secret. Ali and Baba were friends for about forty years. When Amir asked if Baba ever considered getting new servants, Baba discusses the history behind his and Ali’s friendship. He even goes as far as calling him “family” (Hosseini 89). This anger that Baba has shows how unwilling he is to let go of him. Baba may be responding this way because not only do they have a past together, he feels that he has to repay for his guilt by providing Ali and Hassan with a home. Amir and Hassan have a similar upbringing. They grew up together, fed from the same breasts, and did their first actions in similar places. Amir explains that there is “a brotherhood,” “a kinship that not even time could break since they fed from the same breast” (Hosseini 11). In both situations, despite the obvious ethnic and financial differences, the friendship remained. Another similarity is the silent guilt Amir and Baba felt. When Rahim Khan wrote the letter to Amir, he says “your father, like you, was a tortured soul” (Hosseini 301). In both scenarios, their betrayals troubled them deeply. They had to keep their betrayals a secret or else it would damage their reputation. Their silence is what tormented them and affected the way they acted after.

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