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111 Town Square Pl, Jersey City, NJ 07310, U.S.
111 Town Square Pl, Jersey City, NJ 07310, U.S.

Based on what has been gathered, this municipality is heading towards a continuous decline in employment and population due to its low labour and economic industry. For this municipality to improve its current situation along a branching innovative trajectory. The removal of legal boundaries between the town and county, will facilitate regional service decisions as a joint municipality. Decisions about regional tourism promotion of place branding, recreation programs and services for preservation strategies, regional planning strategies, and geothermal sources development.

Place branding would emphasize one dominant community function or asset such as coal or environmental-friendly energy to demonstrate a perceived competitive advantage, to invite visitors, businesses or residents, to lure temporary and permanent newcomers into the community with a logo or a symbol as a mark of its identity. For example, in Vulcan Alberta, the town was a copper industry with a conventional consumption discourse, eventually hit a decline in population after it started closing, then a slow increase after 2011 due to “world-making” reinventions to emulate the past or present identity and change it into something else (Mair, 2009). They decided to use their original name Vulcan and create Star Trek attractions in the town, parades and events for newcomers and locals to enjoy.

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Working on place-based commodification of the town’s mining culture and heritage by installing more museums, national historic sites, murals or plaques would increase the want newcomers to visit. Therefore, the economy of Springhill is not only dependent on one thing as it was with the mining industry. The Springhill Heritage Group was a community of volunteers who were dedicated to preservation and dissemination of information on the history of Springhill and what it once was. They have been involved in genealogy workshops, historical displays at the town library and historical brochures. This group would gather artifacts and historical resources, however ended in 2012. Groups like this give what once was a single sector industry, the opportunity to show its quality of place and the image the area is hoping to get by.

Sustainable initiatives for planning and decision-making processes to improve balance of environmental and economic needs. Mayor of Springhill has stated that, “we have enough to move us forward but we’re looking at the long-term sustainability of the town and may two, three years down the road, there could be a lot of problems”.
Therefore, technical working groups should be available to help move Springhill and the province of Nova Scotia towards identifying its potential as a geothermal resource. It is important to have land-use planners to gather information to define fully the size and capacity of the resource and issues that need to be addressed, create opportunities for participation, establish explicit goals, strategies and evaluate options, monitor, review and activate programs for the geothermal system (Hopper, 1999). Hydrogeologists and engineers are needed to be familiar with geothermal systems for exploratory drilling of the mine workings, temperature logging, water chemistry sampling, and testing. If the town is planning for systematic development of the geothermal resource, they should have an office available for potential clients and technical group should be mandated to report to the Earth Energy Committee if issues arise (Michel, 2007).

5. Conclusion
Springhill’s population has declined for decades and if changes aren’t made, they will continue on this path. However, the town is moving towards new initiatives related to geo-thermal energy, tourism and industrial park development expected to provide employment opportunities for Springhill. They have the potential to be a bedroom community for those who wish to commute into largest more industrialized towns. With inexpensive housing and the opening of new arenas, civic centres, branding efforts, re-construction and sustainability initiatives should help Springhill get back to an economic incline.

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