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Before the inception of technology, people usually read books, socialise with friends, for example,talking to each other and hanging out. In this day and age, technology is changing so rapidly that a lot of people are trying to catch up with this trend. They are many reasons for this phenomenon, including adopting the latest vogue, how to dress and look like celebrities. . Let us take Kanye West as an example. When he designs the sneaker for Adidas, it has become the hot trend around the world, and many teens have copied it. Nowadays, social media is a powerful platform where thousands of people keep in touch with their relatives, friends, taking pictures or checking in locations, and they cannot live without it. Apparently, the development of mobile technology and social network play a crucial role in people’s daily life.

When was technology invented, and how does it affect passive people? First, Nikola Tesla, once a mechanical, electrical engineer and physicist initiated an idea to build a ” world wireless system” in the early 1900s. Later in early 1960s, MIT’s J.C.R Licklider popularized the idea of an “Intergalactic Network” of computers then the scientists discovered the “packet switching” which later became a massive building brick of the Internet. In the 1960s, the ARPANET was created the prototype Internet they used the packet switching to allow numerous computers to connect to a single network. In January 1983, ARPANET was approved TCP/IP and the result of them instigate to unite “network network” that became the modern Internet. It became to be more famous in 1990 after the computer scientist Tim Berners-Lee made-up the World-Wide-Web this one was popularized to anyone and attract people for using the Internet. Then, the first social media coming out was ‘’ in 1997 that allowed users to list friends, family members, and external connection to join the site, but it was just viable for 4 years from 1997-2001. Following it was ‘Blogger’ in 1999, ‘Friendster’ in 2002, ‘Myspace’ in 2003, ‘ Facebook’ in 2004, and ‘Twitter’ in 2006. Yet,the most ubiquitous social network is ‘Facebook’ which has 2.2 billion users globally. Facebook affects almost all people in activities they do. Today, we can see people from another country and don’t have to buy ticket to go to theirs.Internet helps connect people, giving them the opportunities to interact with each other. Network generation has also contributed to education, business, exercise,etc. People used to using the computer after school or work but now they are just carrying the phone because is portable, and people have a lot of things to see, watch and read. They want to find a person who agree with their opinions, or make them happy. So that the reason why

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Why do young people spend hours on social media? How often do they use social media in a day? In my country, Vietnam, using technology is getting more and more popular, and it has became a must activity in each person’s life here. According to the survey titled “Global Attitude Survey 2017” which considered how people from 38 countries follow and distinguish news media,Vietnam was the fourth highest in terms of daily use of social media sites for news. The survey was performed among 1,000 Vietnamese aged 15 to49In Vietnam,81% of 18-29 years old following that is 44% of 30-49 years old and last one is approximately 3% of over 50 years old as a daily sources of news. Referring to statista website, in 2018 the number of social network users in Vietnam will increase to more than 1.25 million people. The major part of them are using the Facebook and become their favorite. Small part of that also contains that the price of the smartphone, because some of the mobile phone brand names are creating the phone at affordable prices. Facebook also said that the Vietnamese use it to chat with friends, visit pages and buy things online. A normal person surf the internet 3 hours 32 minute a day on average for 2 devices which are tablet and laptop.
Spend time on the Internet? In my opinion I know that technology bring a lot of benefit in life and development of every country in the world but it also have disadvantage that when the technology have development that much. However, social network also bring the harm with it like in development country addicted to phone are not strange things anymore. Like another teenager before and after doing done the homework I was online social media,in there I’m like to share memes, about celebrities or some songs but it make you you feel addicted when you surfing. On the weekend i’m always spend 5 to 7 hours online on the Internet it very hard to not get addicted.
There are a huge different about before and after have the Internet in Vietnam. Vietnam officially have the Internet was in November 19,1997 and it connected all around the world. Just about 21 years but you can see the huge difference even the Internet or a lot of building that are rise in every years. When Internet they are first came in there was small amount of people know how to using it. With the person who born before digital age in their memories their childhood was inundate in joyful more than now because everyone in the place they live are friends and communicate to each other now in modern world they don’t even talk to each other just in their house for the whole day for surfing the Internet or Massive Multiplayer Online (MMO) game. When the K-drama not became viral like right now in their memory there are have a lot of movie now they still can remember the main character of the movie or everyone in your hamlet concentrate in one place just to watch a movie or listen to a song in just one television. Twenty years ago or ten years ago snack don’t have much types like now they just eat fruits in their garden or just eat the local snack because it cheap. Also their are the big difference that dinnertime is the time that family can talk to each other after day work at office or study at school and find topics to talk like what happen with them today or after dinner everyone in family seat on sofa together to watch a series or news together but now is difference when dinner teenager always look at the phones and don’t want to talk to their parent or chatting with friends while eating when they spend the whole day on the Internet. Or before Internet was exist a lot of people are using letter like the tools to communicate with people when they are far from each other like countryside now they have smartphone and using it to talk to each other don’t have to wait few days or month to read a letter from that person. With me it was an alarm for the teenager all around the world about addicted to the social network.

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