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111 Town Square Pl, Jersey City, NJ 07310, U.S.
111 Town Square Pl, Jersey City, NJ 07310, U.S.

Bodyline (pvt) Ltd offers a comfortable, attractive and a healthy environment for its employees. As a part of its service to employees, it provides on-site conveniences such as medical care in order to uplift the wellbeing of the employees during work. It has a separate medical centre and medicines are freely issued for the employees at this medical centre. It also provides gym facilities to ensure the fitness of the employees. A vehicle is readily available for any emergency all 24 hours.
Each year internal audits as well as external audits are carried out to ensure that the organization is operated complying with the health and safety standards and other rules and regulations.
Drinking water is tested on a daily basis to make sure that water is not polluted and suitable for drinking.
Foods of the canteen is inspected once in a three months’ time to make sure that the foods are prepared in a hygiene manner.
The company conducts annual inspections to check whether the followings are maintained at the proper levels.
• Dust level
• Lux level
• Sound level
• Humidity level
• Carbon dioxide level
• VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds) level
Handling of chemicals
It is compulsory for the employees to wear hand gloves and the uniform provided by the company when using chemicals. These chemicals are stored in a separate warehouse, which is out of the reach of employees. Only the appointed employees will be permitted to enter into the warehouse. Company keep records on the issues of the chemicals and the chemicals are issued only with the approval of the officer in charge. Employees are given a proper training during the induction on handling chemicals and protective strategies to overcome any injury that could be caused due to mishandling of these chemicals. Apart from this, they would also be given on job training time to time.
The company maintains a separate disposal method for chemical waste in a way that it is not contaminated with others waste. Currently the company has outsourced this function. Emergency eyewash units are placed in the places where employees work with chemicals. The employees who might be exposed to chemicals are given a training on using these equipment’s. These machines are operated automatically and theses are designed to promote eye protection under certain working conditions. The employees who are working with chemicals are not allowed to work continuously for longer hours unlike any other job. They are working on a shift basis. It is compulsory for the employees who expose to chemicals to undergo a medical check-up each year, which is funded by the company itself. They are also given a free glass of milk everyday mainly aiming to maintain a good health condition of employees. The company provides the employees with chemical resistant gloves, safety helmets, safety goggles, chemical resistant jackets, and gumboots to minimize the possible damages for the employees who work with chemical substances.
First Aid
Basic first aid training is provided during the induction for the newly recruited employees. Here the steps that are to be followed when an employee faces an injury will be explained. In case of an injury the employees are advised only to cover the wound with a bandage after wearing gloves that are available in the first aid box. Then the injured employee should be taken to the medical centre. Any treatment other than covering the wound is not allowed.
Apart from this an advanced first aid training is also given for the employees. A member of Red Cross mainly focusing on providing adequate knowledge on prevention of accidents and to make aware the strategies to minimize injuries at work conducts the advanced first aid training programs.
Accident inquiry
For the considerable accidents, the respective officers will conduct an accident inquiry. An investigation will be conducted to identify the root cause for the accident. The results of the investigation is used when granting leaves for the injured employee. Corrective measures will also be taken if the identified causes have possibilities of creating any health or safety issue.
Health and safety committee
Bodyline (pvt) Ltd has established a separate Health and Safety Committee to identify the possible health and safety issues. The committee members get together to discuss on the prevailing issues relating occupational health and safety. The issues identified through the discussion will be listed and the actions to overcome such issues will be decided by them.
Work Permit System
The company practices a Work Permit System when an employee is performing a task other than what is assigned for him/her and for the contractors. It is compulsorily needed to get the approval of the Health and Safety officer before the work is done. The duly filled work permit should be handed over to the health and safety officer. Then the relevant tasks will be investigated to make sure it is free of health and safety issues. Such employees or contractors are allowed to work only if the Health and Safety officer permits through placing his signature on the work permit assuring that there are no possible health and safety issues.

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