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Brain injuries on football players happen to almost all football players. Over the years of playing football they end up with several hundred if not thousands of injuries. This can lead to CTE, which is a brain disease that causes loss of memory, confusion, and causes angry. Some football players with this disease commit suicide due to the pain they are experiencing and see it as there only way out. Also, having concussions that are not being treated is why these athletes are suffering from depression. Football players should see a doctor after being injured, whether it was a bad hit to the head or not. In addition, neither the football player nor the coach can tell if a player has a concussion or not because they are not doctors. There is no cure for CTE. There are ways to prevent and ways to deal with the disease itself. One way is to block another player from hitting you in the head that way you do not get hit. The second way is to stop playing in the game when the player gets injured and to allow you brain to rest and heal as it maybe swollen. Playing football is dangerous for anyone who does this as a profession. Most football players are in the NFL for about three years and some a little more. The amount of injuries on football players today is still too high.

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