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Cajun music has often been linked with Folk music and in many of its aspects. Most songs that are heard and played in dance halls come from anonymous sources even though many of these sources are well known within the Cajun community. In 1928, Joseph and C’leoma Falcon were the first musicians to record Cajun music. Their first song was called, “Lafayette”. This music was a spontaneous accident that resembled a dance song called, “Jeunes gens de la compagne”. Their style that resulted in the song, “Lafayette,” is referred by musicians as “Allons a Lafayette”. This phrase comes from the first line of the song and is now the way Cajun music developed over the years. Musicians would typically take small parts from various songs and combine them to make one song. With the help of record producers, these recorded songs have made their marks in popular culture and dances outside of Acadiana.

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