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111 Town Square Pl, Jersey City, NJ 07310, U.S.
111 Town Square Pl, Jersey City, NJ 07310, U.S.

Carnella Scott  Instructor Brett Holbrook
Assignment One – Organizational Structure
Carnella Scott  Instructor Brett Holbrook
Assignment One – Organizational Structure

Organizational structure entirely relies on two things such as the company and the project. The structure assists to describe the tasks and responsibilities of the associates who are in the work group, sections, company. CITATION Hie18 l 1033 (Hierarchy, 2018).
Do you think One Smooth Stone is organized by function, product, location, or customer? Why do you think that? I believe that One Smooth Stone is organized by function. I say this because it is a functional Structure which is a structure which incorporates endeavors like supervision, bearing, management, and designation of obligations. The organizational structure chooses how the procedures and introductions of the company can convey. Clients who use One Smooth Stone to head up the production and presentation of their events need to receive a measurable return on investment (ROI), first from the event, and therefore also from One Smooth Stone CITATION Men13 l 1033 (abd, 2013).
What methods does One Smooth Stone use to deliver that ROI to their clients?  First One Smooth Stone would need to listen to their customer/client needs. Make the event/production interesting, educational, and entertaining to their audience but also have strong message to their audience. You need to have both these elements education and entertainment. One Smooth hires skilled workers who can and will adapt to changes in the environment and be able to deal with problems in an efficient and productive way.

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What are some of the ways in which One Smooth Stone delivers quality to its clients? One smooth has a good reputation of treating clients with respect. Per One Smooth Stone, values like honesty, respect and kindness define the way we interact with each other, our clients and our supplier partners. Ours is a creative environment in which assumptions are challenged with respect, questions are freely asked, discussion is open and listening is foundational. We practice humility, integrity and accountability in serving our clients and each other CITATION Gar18 l 1033 (Vlk, 2018).
One Smooth Stone shares a commitment with their customers and employees of being awesome in all that they do. Their mission statement can back this up “We help clients build relationships critical to the success of their business through exceptionally crafted programs and events in both physical and virtual environments with the use of three words: Smart, Fast and Kind by trying to embody these words in everything that we do.” –One Smooth Stone
This company strives to be the best in customer care. Treating others as their own family lets you know what this company is all about. During my research on this company, I have yet to find a bad experience or reviews from customers or employees. One Smooth Stone is a perfect example of company culture. Culture is like an enrolling apparatus. In case you’re hoping to procure capable individuals, it doesn’t bode well to fill your office with desk areas and cutoff representative flexibility. You’ll draw in unremarkable workers, and you’ll be an average organization. In the event that, then again, you have an open workplace with loads of transparency and employee opportunity, you’ll draw in ability.

From the moment individuals stroll in the workplace, they should realize this is a better place with an extraordinary culture. When you put an emphasis on culture, you’ll have managing standards. Individuals will know you for this. Workers will live by it. It’ll help get you through troublesome occasions.
A company culture that encourages employee satisfaction implies bring down turnover and better company execution. Workers are faithful and companies perform better. It’s a win-win. In the event that your organization increase to more workers, the way of life will turn into a self-choosing system for employees and people. The general population who might fit into your way of life progress toward becoming pulled in to it and may wind up with a vocation. For instance, at Amazon, they search for innovators and pioneers. Individuals who need to work there know this and are pulled in by it.

In conclusion, Employees should anticipate heading off to their jobs. Truth be told, they ought to experience serious difficulties leaving since they appreciate the difficulties, their coworkers, and the climate. Jobs shouldn’t incite worry in workers. While the work might be stressful, the way of life shouldn’t add to the worry of the work. Despite what might be expected, the way of life ought to be intended to ease the stress issues.

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