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Chameleons can move their eyes in different directions simultaneously.

2 Squirrel is the best gardener. Millions of trees grow because the proteins forget where the seeds are hiding.

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3 The elephant’s tooth can weigh up to nine kilograms!

4 In mammals, the blood is red, the insects are yellow, the lobsters are blue.

5 On average, cows croak 16 times a day.

6 Ants never sleep. Instead, they “rest” for eight minutes “rest” twice a day. The rest of the queen of ants takes 90 minutes a day.

7. Basenji is the only dog ??that can not bark.

8. Only half the brain of the dolphin is asleep. The second half is awake at the time, and is monitoring the environment.

9. A flea can only move with jumps, the muscles of its legs are arranged like catapults. They accumulate energy and “shoot” the flea into a jump.

10. The eye of a giant squid the size of a basketball.

11. Hippos give birth under water to protect their children from falling!

12. The swan has more than 25,000 feathers on the body.

13. A 20-meter eel can produce energy that can ignite 12 light bulbs.

14. Snakes see through their eyelids.

15. Rats can laugh if they tickle.

16. A mole can dig a tunnel up to 300 meters long, overnight.

17 Because of his constant smile, the kvokka is known to be the happiest animal.

18 Seals can hold their breath for two hours.

19. When oysters need to multiply, they can change their sex.

20. Ravens are so clever that they like to play pranks! They can even sneak up to the dog from behind and play grabbing her beak by the tail.

21. Giraffes do not have vocal cords, so they can not “talk!”

22. Humpback whales publish the loudest sound of any mammal, it can be heard for 20 kilometers!

23. Horses have a good memory, they can remember things, people they met, and skills that they owned several years ago.

24. Zebras flew in zigzags to save themselves from predators.

25 Ladybugs can take away food.

26. The narwhal skin color depends on its age: the lighter the skin, the older the narwhal.

27. In koalas, fingerprints are similar to human fingerprints.

28. All the meerkats have responsibilities in the group in which they live.

29. Crocodiles can not put out the tongue!

30. When the spider monkeys meet, they hug each other.

31. Cats have 32 muscles in each of their ear.

32. Bats are the only mammals that can fly?

33. Polar bears are left-handed.

34. The gold fish memory 3 seconds

35. Even after the jellyfish has died, it can still sting.

36. Dung beetles can carry on themselves loads 50 times greater than its body weight.

37. The heart of the shrimp is in the head.

38. A snail can sleep for three consecutive years.

39. The chipmunk cheeks can stretch from nuts and food three times more than its head.

40 The tiger has not only a striped skin, but also a body.

41 Seahorses swim “holding hands”, this they tie their tails together.

42. The ostrich’s eye is bigger than the size of its brain.

43. Wolves can eat 20 kg of meat at one meal.

44. Butterflies try food with their feet.

45. The golden eagle can fly at a speed of over 250 km / h.

46. ??Yad frogs – an arrow can kill 2,200 people.

47. Lions can not growl until they are 2 years old.

48. Skunks can spray a protective stench within a radius of 10 meters.

49. Sharks lived before dinosaurs! The fossils of sharks are dated 450 million years.

50. Unlike most cat species, ocelots swim well.

51. Meadow dogs live in burrows, which have a separate bathroom, a children’s area and a recreation area.

52. Sailfish is the fastest fish and reaches a speed of 115 km / h.

53 Male – penguin “offers” the hand and heart to the female, giving her a stone. If she accepts it, she puts this gift in her nest.

54 Peacock is considered the most beautiful bird among the otters. Peacock is a very close relative of the cock.

55. A newborn elephant weighs about 100 kilograms.

56. Marmots whistle when they are in danger.

57. Imperial penguins can dive to a depth of 500 meters and are able to hold their breath for 18 minutes.

58. There are 50 million monkeys in India.

59. Flies buzz with a note of FA.

60. Blue Whale weighs like three elephants.

61. Gibbons have the longest hands among all primates.

62 Goats have a lot of belching.

63. The catfish have taste receptors throughout the body.

64. Bryzgun can kill spoofs from a distance of 1.5 meters.

65. The wombat of a piece of turtle is square.

66 Llamas do not have hoofs.

67. Porcupine cubs when born have soft needles, which harden after a few days.

68. A camel can do without water for two weeks.

69. Moose has very sensitive horns.

70. Geckos sometimes eat their tails, after a loss.

71. Throughout life, a busy bee produces one-twelfth of a teaspoon of honey.

72. The rate of reproduction of rats is so great that under favorable circumstances 2 rats could give offspring in 1 million rats for a year and a half.

73. Some moths can grow as large as an adult’s palm.

74. Cubs jackals are born under the ground.

75. A grasshopper can jump 20 times the length of his body.

76 In flamingos, their beautiful color is obtained from algae, diatoms and small crustaceans, which they eat, and which are rich in carotene.

77. Tortoises can be recognized by the sound: males grumble, females hiss.

78 A small fish can survive without water for several hours.

79 Dragonflies can fly in any direction – forward, backward and sideways. These are the fastest flying insects, their speed reaches almost 100 kilometers per hour.

80 Blue whales are the largest animals on Earth.

81 People took pictures of live giant squid only in 2006. These halftone monsters live at a depth of 200 meters to a kilometer.

82 The buzzing of the bee is made by four wings, which make 11,400 strokes per minute. The speed of the bee’s flight is 25 kilometers per hour.

83 The Asian giant hornet bites more painfully than all insects. We have it in Primorye.

84. Spider Tarantula can live without food for two years.

85. The wounded or frightened opossum falls dead, his eyes are glassy, ??foam is flowing from his mouth, and the stench is exuding from the anal glands. After the danger passes, the opossum comes alive and recovers.

86. There are no snakes in Ireland, Iceland, Greenland and Antarctica.

87. Geese love blueberries!

88. Silver ants of the Sahara Desert can live at a temperature of up to 158 degrees.

89. In goat’s milk, 5 times less fat than in cow’s milk. Cow’s milk is digested for an hour, goat – 20 minutes

90. Scorpions glow in the dark.

91. Seagulls can drink salt water. They have special glands that remove excess salt from the body.

92 Red pandas use their fluffy tail as a blanket to keep warm.

93. The only dog ??that does not have a pink tongue is the Chow Chow

94. Japanese macaques have learned to buy goods from vending machines.

95 Unlike land tortoises, marines do not pull their heads into the shell.

96. Emu can not walk back.

97. Sponges create their own special chemicals that are released in the water to protect against predators.

98. Mice have more bones than humans: about 230. In humans, they are 206.

99 On average, the hen lays 190 eggs per year

100. If a lion and a polar bear fight, the polar bear will win

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