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chemical or mechanical process and describe the basic principles and laws of transport. It describes 1a. Transport phenomena is a phenomena which deals with different physical quantities in a the relations among different types of transport that can occur in any system. Transport is classified into momentum transport, energy transport and mass transport. Momentum transport deals with transport of momentum in fluids known as fluid dynamics. Energy transport deals with transport of different forms of energy in a system known as heat transfer. Mass transport deals with transport of various chemical species.

b. Applied chemistry student must be able to learn transport phenomena as nowadays transport processes are essential to worldwide quality of life problems as well as water quality, desalination, medical/pharma technologies. Transport also helps in understanding some of environmental processes. Also in micro and nanotechnology and energy systems. Energy systems have renewed importance, in fuels systems: electrochemistry, membrane transport, liquid/vapor/solid process so applied chemistry student must be able to know transport systems in order to understand energy systems. In environmental applications transport processes also helps applied chemistry student, within the realm of marine environmental sciences, the conservation equations are used for a variety of applications. The bulk of the oceans themselves is an example of transport phenomena on a wide range of spatial and temporal scales, from the persistent oceanographic currents to the periodical tidal cycle to the wake created by vessel. Transport phenomena also helps applied chemistry student in making explosives, weapons designed from applying transport phenomena have been developed , a new weapon called Termobaric warhead- BLU-118/B. Conclusively transport phenomena helps applied chemistry in understanding various areas of interest in chemistry field as mentioned above.

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2a. Plagiarism is an act of taking words, ideas or research of another person and putting the forwards without citation as if they were your own. For example, a student borrows a friend essay to get some ideas for his own. With his friend’s permission, he copies portions of it taking care, however, to cite all sources of his friend included in the original.
b. Confusion about when and how to cite sources lead to plagiarism. Also the uncertainty of how to paraphrase and carelessness in taking notes and downloading internet materials lead to plagiarism.

c. Paraphrase is one way to avoid plagiarism, if one found a research that is perfect for a research. One should be able to read it and put it in his/her own words. Citing also avoids plagiarism one should follow the citing format accordingly with the institute. The other way to avoid plagiarism is by referencing, thus including the reference page or page of works at the end of paper.

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