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111 Town Square Pl, Jersey City, NJ 07310, U.S.

Child labour is exploitation of underage children in any forms, forcing them to work illegally which harms or abuses them. This abuse may be physical, mental or sexual; depriving the children (child labourers) of their right of basic education. . According to the International Labour Organization(ILO), “child labour is where children are deprived of their childhood because they are forced to work long hours for little or no money, deprived of education and in conditions harmful to their mental and physical development.” It is present everywhere i.e. in developed, developing and underdeveloped world though ratios differ. Asia leads by 61% followed by Africa 32%. According to UNICEF, there are 250 million children aged between 5-14 years employed as child labour in developing countries out which 120 millions work full time.
Among the developing countries, India has the highest number of child labours under the age of 14 years which is approximately 12.6 millions. Children are engaged in every sector of economy like match stick making, fireworks, domestic labour, construction, carpet making industry, brick kilns, etc. one of the places where child lab

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