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111 Town Square Pl, Jersey City, NJ 07310, U.S.

Clear and effective communication is highly important when in a working partnership, as it ensures that information will be shared in a clear way, in order to get to the best possible outcome for the workers, families and children. To communicate effectively, people have to talk about all the options available to them, ensuring that everybody’s opinion is heared and considered in order to show respect to each other. Effective communication is vital when working with children, young people and their families and carers, as it helps build trust and encourages them to ask of help and seek out advice and use the different services and agencies that offer support. It is important to establish and maintain relationships and levels and trust, it is a rapid process that involves responding, questioning, listening and understanding. Partners should always communicate with families, young people and children correctly in regards to their stage of development, background, culture, personal circumstances and the personal needs of the child or young person that is being spoken to. It is benifical to communication using group and one-on-one setting, to help and review everyone involved and see if they are comfortable with the current situation. Communication is based around words, actions and body language, empathy, sincerity and other appropriate amotions would needs to be conveyed in body language and the way a person holds themselves and the tone of their voice when speaking, most importantly the children, young people and families need to feel heard. The partners need to take into account the culture, religion and background of the family they are working with, they need to able to adapt their style of working to fit the family unit and their way of communication.

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