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Co-branding is when two or more brand names are presented simultaneously to the consumer (Grebosz, 2013). This common when two different brands of different line of business has similar target market where coming together looks more applealing to both their clientele. Co-branding is also about having at least two brands collaborating in a marketing context such as advertising, product development, product placement or distribution (Sreejesh, 2012). A good example is jack Daniels and coca-cola, the two came together to create one popular drink, jack and cola. In turn coke got their advertisement while jack Daniels boosted sales of their drinks because coca-cola is one of the biggest brands in the world. It is best used when there is added value to the co-branded product, where a single brand would not be able to achieve on its own (Helmig, et al, 2008). This, according to signalling theory, a branding strategy can be highly effective due to the strength of one brand could be leveraged for the co-branded product in areas where the second brand lacks and vice versa. Research shows in pairing complementary brands, consumers’ perceptions of an unknown

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