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Corporate Social Responsibility came about in the late 1960s, when international businesses included the term shareholders. The goal of the social responsibility is to aid the organization’s mission, to be guided to what the company positions itself to be and to support its customers. So, we can say that corporate social responsibility deals with both internal and external environments. The goal of the business is to satisfy it employees by providing suitable work in conditions, as well as to protect the company from civilization.
The concept of Corporate Social Responsibility
The concept of Corporate Social Responsibility generally refers to a number of important fundamentals like: (1) a group of procedures and practices associated with key investor, values, agreement with legal requirements, and deference for people, societies and the environment; (2) the obligation of the company to contribute to justifiable development, commonly understood as sustainable growth is the ability of the current generation to meet its needs without compromising the ability of future generations to meet theirs objectives. (ECRC, accessed in October 2012).
Corporate social responsibility (CSR) is the method in which businesses accomplish a balance among its economic, social, and environmental responsibilities in its operations so as to address shareholder and other stakeholder expectations. It is known by many names, including corporate
Using Corporate Social Responsibility in Marketing
One of the most significant features and activities that the Corporate Social Responsibility, is the promotion and advertising activities, that businesses undertake when developing Corporate Social Responsibility policies and activities.
Once the business has assumed the eco-friendly safety activities, helpful activities, the declaration of multiplicity and likeness and the expansion of local groups, the organizations use them as marketing and brand disrepute increasing agent. Corporate responsibility strategies have increase its consideration from senior executives as enquiries of sustainability and green agendas have come to infuse business the world over.
The concept of corporate social responsibility has evolved to take into consideration a number of characteristics like: (1) environmental safety; (2) consequence in local communities; (3) participation in community, educational activities and (4) internal and external business environment. For companies to run a successful marketing campaign they must use corporate social responsibility as a marketing tool.

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