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Despite the significant advantages of the computer and its expansion and spread around the world, but it caused many disadvantages, including the occurrence of damage in the eyes; where sitting for long hours in front of the computer without the convenience of fatigue and stress in eyes. Exposing the neck muscles to problems causing the aches due to the long sitting in front of the computer screen. Isolating the computer user from the outside world; because it takes a long time of his life at the expense of doing other activities. Feeling headaches and exhausted.

Unemployment: The concept of unemployment has emerged as one of the disadvantages of the computer. It is becoming increasingly common to rely on computers, computer programs, and computer-programmed machines, so the need for workers in factories or factories has increased.

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Wasting time and energy: Many people use computers without a decisive goal and play video games continuously and very long, and talk for a long time also with their friends, and all this wasted time and energy; because it gave the opportunity to do such acts easily and naturally at any time. The most significant example of wasting time is the time spent by young people on social networking sites and other applications that allow for different types of social communication among members of society.

Cybercrime: Some people use the computer for harmful and destructive activities, such as stealing bank account details, stealing people’s money, blackmailing people by taking their photos or posting them through social media sites, and other thefts that target all kinds of data And information available on the Internet.

Privacy Violations: Some sites require the user to sign a privacy policy (such as Facebook and Twitter). These sites can access specific conversations or personal photos, and sometimes use them for marketing purposes. Sometimes governments access personal records on social media sites And monitor the privacy of others.

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