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PERFORMANCE: According to MaeWest the weight of performance is worthiness Pounds of promises. Performance management team is referred within the company growth including to groups organisations, or virtual teams that are eminently focused on their aims and that reaches superior organizational outputs
PRODUCTIVITY: Team members who work hard and efficiently with good communication and environment have the ability to increase the team productivity.
REAWARDING TEAMWORK: Staff not satisfied with their job when operating in the group work environment .Based on the “journal of Organisational behaviour “. Satisfied employees tries to increase and succeed that accepts the teamwork it also improves the retention values. To design a effective teamwork environment take into the consideration of manager of how he communicate with the team, compatibility of staff members, the way of nature you are asking them to do and procedure of working within the team leads to the team success.
The 5 dimensions that are needed to outshine for the team are:
Team manager encourages more than they can do: Team manager knows that how to install energy and excitement their group. By this they the team feel inspired, that they were on the target and also knows the importance of the great job. In this manner the leaders will pull the employees more than the push.

Team leader improves cooperation and solve the misunderstandings: a conflict can divide team into pieces. The unity of group is important for reaching the goals of an organisation. So immediately the manager need to solve the differences and promotes the cooperation. The mature people can solve their problems by themselves if this happens there would no separations, wars, and conflicts. In team performance the misunderstandings can be rectified very rapidly. This happens when members think that they were trusted and had highly grown nature between the groups. When the team focused on the competition with togetherness they get the full output result.

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Team leader should create goals: when the leader knows how create the initial point in the group then they can success the out result. Now days the team members don’t want anything to do something that has done by the others. They want to do something incredible. When they accomplish something that is extraordinary they recognize that they were skilled, competent and satisfaction with the work.

Team leaders communicate vision and direction: sometimes team members get diverted from their mission due to the shiny objects around us. The team managers, continuously communicate and keep them on focused mission. So the team manager maintains to be broken record and helps the group members to be engaged with the vision.

Team leaders are trusted: If the team leader is not trusted, they can’t solve the differences, and also can’t be inspired for their results and cannot believe their communication. Lack of trust low downs everything. It to be said that trust has been based upon three pillars. The first pillar is the relationship. We trust the people among our friends relations etc and distrust the enemies. So building up the positive bond increases the faith. The second pillar of confidence is knowledge or expertise. We trust the people who can solve the problems with correct answers and insight. So everyone use knowledge and skills to help solve other problems so it increases faith. The third pillar of confidence is being consistent and walking your talk makes anyone to be trusted.

Having functioned on teams and high performance team there is a high comparative them. Life is good when we are a member in performance team we deserve all parts of our life whereas life is not good when we are in a team hell. This incident can affect negative way in all parts of the life.

Ways to strategy effective teams so that threats to performance is reduced:
The main risk of building up a team is that the team member may become cynical of the organisation. One of the main threats is decreases performance of the team is that coordinate between the numbers in the teams. Second one is ability to make decisions field ; swift (1996) the team may not discuss clear goals and purposes. To diminish all problems the team group should maintain relationships, success goals, vision and values, trust among team members ; leaders, avoid conflicts, allotting duties according to their contexts.

Rewarding Team work:
The teamwork with incentives increases the willpower and results of productivity of the organisation. As a supervisor, I rewards banquet of a global firm that publicly declares their cooperate agreement to group work. I will personally handle some medals, and a few checks to the individuals, team members who set to productive sales record, and for successful innovative changes. I will give office parties and encourages the people who are creative by giving the monthly and yearly bonus.

The implementing, challenges ; building the effective teams generates the improvement of organisational development production.
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