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Dr. King was an inspiration, courageous African-American individual who was known for making an impact during the Civil Rights Movement. Dr. King is a great example of the people of the world going beyond the narrow concerns of themselves and embracing humanity. King says the human individual are all-equal no matter the tribe, class or nation. On page 24 in Strength to love King mention how the real tragedy of such narrow provincialism is that we see people as entitles or merely as things. In this same chapter King uses a story about a man who went down from Jerusalem to Jericho and robbers beat him and left him to die. It was only the Samaritan who was moved with compassion to help the wounded man. He used this example from the bible to explain that a neighbor is anyone who is in need and we should look beyond his or her race. I am a Christian so I can relate to this passage in the bible very well. I believe this passage is a great example to reflect on because if a Samaritan could be a neighbor to a Jew then we can be a neighbor to others. The Samaritans in the bible had no dealings with the Jews because they had different religion views. In spite of their different views, this man decided to break the barriers and bring peace by helping the certain man. The story Dr. King told about the three members of a Negro college basketball team who were injured in a car accident was saddening. These men were injured but when the driver arrives he wanted nothing to do with them because of their color. I have never been the person to deny someone based on his or her skin color. We area all made from the image of God and all made of dust. I know this event probably occurred because of the time period it happened it but this type of act is egotistical. Although these kinds of stories are tragic, they teach us good lessons: to treat everybody as equal, no matter their race, culture, etc.

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