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During a period of time in a game of Touch Football, one of the main energy system utilized is ATP-PC. Formally recognised as the Anaerobic System, this system is responsible for short burst of energy that is stockpiled into the muscles in your body and does not require the need of oxygen. The formula identified as ATP is located in all cells in the human body. This chemical is responsible for muscular movement and helps the general movement in the human body. It contains 3 phosphate groups and adenosine (Bartleby, 2016). ATP is stored in the muscles and lasts for approximately 10-30 seconds. The creation of ATP consist of carbohydrates, fats and proteins from the nourishment we consume. Once the ATP-PC energy system is used to its full extent, the body will adjusts to the lactic acid system. This is due to the body breaking down glucose, resulting in the production of lactic acid; this procedure produces enough energy to couple with the energy requirements to resynthesize ATP (Metabolics ltd, 2014). Creatine Phosphate is another high energy compound manufacturer that is situated in the cells. These three chemical reactions are conducted to continue muscular work. The body manufactures more ATP by the Phosphocreatine being broken down by the enzyme known as creatine kinase into Creatine and Pi. The energy released in the breakdown of PC allows ADP and Pi to rejoin forming more ATP (Pt.Direct, 2018). This recently formed ATP may now be utilized to distribute energy to your muscles for high intensity activities. Due to Touch football being a highly intensive sport, it relies on primarily on another energy system known formally as the Aerobic system. This system allows us to accomplish everyday exercises such as running or long-distance jogging. This system is produced by burning sugars in the body’s cells known as aerobic or cellular respiration (Thelma Gomez, 2017). If you’re attempting to execute a high intensity workout than the body will moderately burn glucose without the use of oxygen because the body can’t deliver oxygen to the muscles fast enough. This basically means your body will automatically switch energy systems, from aerobic to anaerobic.

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